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The Association of Indonesian Forest Managers [APHI] objected to Government’s Regulation on Peatland and Management of Peatland Eco system. One of the Articles in the Regulation stated that 30% of peatland eco system had been designated as protective Forest. Besides peatland of 3 meter thickness was defined as conserved forest.

Rahardjo Benyamin, Vice Chairman of APHI made this statement. If this Regulation was applied many peatland would be idle. Peatland had always been benefited without damaging the environment as long as they were properly exercised.

APHI proposed that conserved forest was only the peak of peatland crater and the location was not sporadic. Although the depth was more than 3 meters they were still usable. The stipulation of peatland as protection to the eco-system should better be on the basis of specific location, as every peatland location was unique. “The stipulation could not be generalized on the basis of percentage or very general criteria,” he said.

The Management of peatland for various sectors like forestry, plantation and agriculture was also specific. Therefore the definition of peatland damage of each sector was better not to be included in RPP, just the technically related Ministrial regulation was enough.

The objective of RPP was better not just to protect the forest although the technical institutions was the State Ministry of Environment. “The approach should better be overall approach, i.e. how could peatland be benefited to the maximum for national development by minimizing the potential of damage. This must be exercised by gathering input, applying the right method and technology based on the best peatland management there ever was” Raharjo said.

In the discussion it was expected that all stakeholders be involved. APHI themselves was not too intensely involved and yet if executed the impact would be felt directly. So far the platform of peatland management exercised by holders of HTI permit was most varied depending in the type, thickness and expanse of peatland.

Peatland had been evidently manageable and beneficial sustainably by HTI permit holders. The benefited peatland could improve welfare of the communities around the forest, downsize gas emission due to glass house effect and keep maintaining bio diversity.

Data of the Ministry of Forestry showed that the total area of peatland was posted at 15 million ha and the part included in the forest area was 11.5 million ha. (SS)

Business New - August 15, 2014

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