Monday, 18 July 2016


House member Djoko Udjianto expressed his grievances about economic slowdown resulting in people’s low purchasing Power. Hr urged the Government to take sound measures to accelerate program execution which directly touched people’s need. His monitoring outcome in the regions concluded that economic slowdown in Indonesia had injured small business (UMKM) in Indonesia. UMKM complained about people’s low purchasing power which made them hard to sell their products. Djoko said this at Parliament House on Monday (28/9).

Vice Chairman of the Budgetary Board of House appreciated Government’s policy which drummed up investors like the 35,000 MW electricity project but them fruits of such would only be felt in the long run.

Today the people had to fulfill basic needs which was most pressing. The public did not need fancy programs but sound programs that generated immediate results.

Djoko also remained the Government of food resiliency program and rural based programs but no tangible result was felt so far. If only President Jokowi would go down the villages he would see life was getting hard and job opportunities were just a as difficult to find.

The government must stop making excuses and put the blame on external sentiments like global economic slowdown. Everybody knew that many factors governed Rupiah fluctuation today, but the Government’s inability in recuing Rupiah showed that the Government had failed to run sound and effective fiscal management. (SS)

Business News - October 2, 2015

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