Monday, 18 July 2016


President Joko Widodo pled rice traders and rice millers to support Government’s program of self-reliance in rice. The pledge was made by President Joko Widodo on the occasion of Lunch Reception with rice millers, and rice traders in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi at the Presidential Palace on Monday (27/9).

The President was optimistic that trice would be plentiful in the year to come. The confidence mounted after witnessing harvest in Karawang where 13.4 tons of rice was produced per hectare. For that matter President Jokowi asked the Minister of agriculture to distribute the premium rice seed of Karawang to all of Indonesia including new ricefields.

To anticipate high production output in the future, the President asked farmers, millers and sellers of rice to be prepared. Not only those who were being advantaged by harvest but also all people. “There must not be any party not being advantaged and not a single party being disadvantage,” the President said.

The president state that in knowing development of rice in the market he did not only receive report from the Ministers of BULOG but monitored the market for himself. “If price is beyond control we would run marketplace operations or take other means” He said.

In that same opportunity the President expressed his grievances about national stock of rice which was measly compared to other countries. China had stock of rice of around 40 million tons while the Philippines with population of 90 million had stock of rice amounting to 2,5 million tons. for that matter the President asked famers to keep on producing” In Karawang yesterday I saw one hectare of soil could produce 13.4 tons of rice. Probably they could produce 1.7 tons of rice per hectare.” He said.

Beside for stock, the President said, stored rice could also be exported. For that matter the President asked all stakeholders to work hard. As an exbusinessman the President knew about the games played by rice traders and knew exactly what must be done. “I do north wish do disadvantage you. We all must work together for the benefit of the country, the people and all of us.” The President said. To BULOG, the President asked to buy all farmers products. “All of them! No excuses of saying that all BULOG rice barns were full As from now on BULOG must start to think how many storerooms must be prepared” he concluded. (SS)

Business News - October 2, 2015

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