Monday, 18 July 2016


In 2016 the Government planned to allocate budget for food sovereignity amounting to Rp.126.6 trillions in RAPBN 2016, an increase of 0.55% compare to that of 2015. Of that amount Rp.50,4 trillion were allocated through Ministrial Expenditure and Rp.76,1 trillion through non ministrial expenditure.

There were 3 ministries playing important role in prioritizing food soverignity, i.e. the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Public Works and people’s Housing and the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery. Allocation for food soverignity was at the Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Maritime and Fishery. Allocated budget for the Ministry of Agriculture for 2016 was Rp.32.9 trillion fully focused on increasing productivity especially essential food.

Allocated budget for the Ministry of Public Works and People’s was Rp.6.6 trillion allocated for building irrigation network for agriculture. While allocated fund for food sovereignity at the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery was Rp.11.0 trillion prioritized for promoting production of hooked fish, nursery of fish and other fishery products.

Allocated fund for sood sovereignity through non Ministrial spending, the support for attaining food sovereignity was among others through:
  1. Provision of food subsidy for 15.5 targeted families with amount of 15 kg R/T/S pipelining for 12 months, fertilizer subsidy at the volume of 9.55 million tons and seed subsidy at the volume of 116,500,000 kg consisting of hybrid and soy seed.
  2. Allocated transfer to the provinces through Special Allocated Fund (DAK) for irrigation among others for rehabilitation/renovation and procurement of supporting facilities.
  3. Other expenditures among others for Government’s Rice Reserves (CBP) to anticipate natural disasters and reserve food stabilization prices and food resiliency to anticipate food price turbulence with the potential of increasing people’s life burden, especially the marginal people.
Food sovereignity had its strategic meaning especially in regard to food production increase sustainably for all Indonesian people.

Thereby dependence on imported food could be suppressed or eliminated. The main objectives of development in food sovereignity in 2016 were among others:
  1. To increase production of main food: paddy 76.23 million tons, corn 21,35 million tons, soy 2.03 million  tons, beed 0.59 million tons.
  2.  Meningktkan produksi ikan perikanan tangkap 6,45 juta ton dan perikanan budidaya (termasuk rumput laut dan ikan hias) sebesar 19,46 juta ton.
  3. To increase production of hooked fish 6.45 million tons and cultiviated fish including seaweed and display fish amounting to 19.46 million tons.
  4. To increase Government’s rice reserves.
  5.  Completion of 19 irrigation dam construction. (SS) 

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