Monday, 18 July 2016


The Government’s resolution to accelerate infra structure building brought fortune to cement producers at home. Since August 2015 the number of cement consumers increased significantly. The increased consumption of cement indicated heightening development of infra structure.

Chairman of ASI Widodo Santoso stated on Monday (28.9) that cement consumption in Indonesia in August 2015 was posted at 6.18 tons – an increase of 6,28 tons or 17% compared to august last year at 5,37 million tons. In September 2015 national cement consumption was predicted to increase by 6% compared to September 2014 at 6.63 million tons.

Director of PT Semen Gresik Suparni remarked that sales volume in August 2015 was posted at 2.3 million tons, an increase of 11.5% against August 2014. In September 2015 sales was predicted to increase by 4.0% against that of September 2014. The good news was that sales PT Semen Gresik cement in August increase by nearly 30% against last year. “This means there was increase of cement used by big projects” he said.

Suparmi remarked further that consumption of cement in September 2015 increased quite significantly. Cement factories like Semen Padang, Tanosa, Semen Gresik operated in maximum capacity due to high domestic demand. Semen Padang which supplied Sumatra and West Java was able to sell above 22,000 tons of cement on the average, while Semen Gresik which supplied Java, Bali, Kalimantan and East of Indonesia above 45,000 tons. Semen Tonasa which supplied Sulawesi, part of Kalimantan, Maluku and Papua above 20,000 tons. Hence average daily production of cement had increased by 12% - 15% against Q-1 2015.

Chairman of ASI and Director of Semen Gresik estimated cement consumption in the next 4 months would increased around 4% - 5% so total consumption of cement by year end would increase by 2% against last year. (SS)

Business News - October 2, 2015

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