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Data of BULOG disclosed that the amount of rice stock of Perum BULOG per October 5, 2015 was 1.6 million tons consisting of commercial stock 660,307 tons and Public Service Obligation (PSO) 993.899 tons, stock of rice of PSO consisted of supply in the form of unhusked rice 110,884 tons or equal to 70,411 tons while procurement in the form of domestic rice was 857,253 tons and rice procurement from abroad 66,234 tons.

Stock of PSO rice was 993,899 tons, enough for 4.06 month of distribution. Stock of PSO rice was spread out in some Regional Division of Bulog in Java amounting to 533,193 tons, enough for fulfilling 3.91 months of pipelining and the amount in BULOG outside Java amounting to 460,706 tons, enough for supplying need of 4.24 months.

Meanwhile stock of commercial rice was 660,307 tons stored at BULOG storehouse in Java amounting to 464,613 tons and portion stored at BULOG storehouse amounting to 195,694 tons. besides, stock of Government’s reserve stock stored at BULOG was 141,786 tons.

Wholesaler’s price at Cipinang Central Market (PIBC) Jakarta for IR64-I and IR64-III type of rice dropped by to become Rp.9,800/kg and Rp.8,900/kg while price of IR63-II dropped by Rp.200/kg to become Rp.9,300 per kg. Price of other type of rice remained stable. Inbound and outbound of rice at PIBC Jakarta was settled at around Rp.3,000 ton/day so stock of rice at PIBC Jakarta was around 33,300 tons.

Data of BPS obtained on Tuesday (6/10) had it that in September 2015 the average price of premium quality rice at rice mills was Rp.9,444.06/kg an increase of 3.48% against the previous price. The average price of medium Quality Rice at rice mills was Rp.8,939.61/kg an increase of 2.2%; while price of Premium quality rice at Rice mills on September 2015 rose by 13.64% and price of premium quality rice increased by 10,01% and price of medium quality rice increased by 10,01% and price of low quality rice rose by 17.85%.

Meanwhile in September 2015 price of rice of all quality at farmers’s level and rice mills also increased. At farmer’s level average price of GKP rice was Rp.4,764.68/kg an increase of 3.70% and price at rice mills was Rp.4,851.56./kg, an increase of 3.73% against price of same quality the month before. The average price of GKG level at farmer’ level was Rp.5.330.12/kg an increase of 1.57% at price at rice mill was Rp.5,449.82/kg an increase of 1,76%. Price of low quality rice at farmer’s level was Rp.4,287.27/kg an increase of 0,74% and price at rice mill was Rp.4,365.12/kg an increase of 0,84%.

Compared to September 2014, price of GKP at farmer’s level rose by 11,16%, GKG increased by 14,79% and low quality unhusked rice rose by 15.32%. at the rice mill average price of GKP increased by 14.71%.

Through September 2015 highest price of rice farmer’s level was Rp.7,272/kg and at rice mills Rp.7,372/kg while lowest gabah price at farmer’s level and rice mills was Rp.3,100/kg and Rp.3,250/kg. Highest price of rice at farmers level was of GKP of Pandak variety in Kurau South Kalimantan while lowest price of Gabah at farmer’s level was in Ciherang, Sukabumi, West Java.

From observation it was known that through September 2015 there were 0,63% cases of price at farmer’s level being below Government, Buying Price (HPP) while at rice mills there was no case of GKP and GKG price being HPP. (SS)

Business News - October 9, 2015

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