Monday, 18 July 2016


The ministry of Labor reminded the urgency to increase the number of staff of Labor Attache in Indonesian Embassies abroad. Beside protecting TKI the Labor Attache should observe any available job opportunity abroad and for that matter they should play the role of Marketing Intelligence in collaboration with consular, economic and diplomatic functions in the embassy.

The Ministry of Labor in Jakarta on Wednesday (7/10) had asked all Labor Attaches in Indonesian Embassies abroad to seek for employment opportunities for Indonesian migrant workers abroad especially of the sector. According to Hanif, Labor Attaches should enhance networking abroad to meet the objective.

Hanif stated that today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RI had Labor Attaches in 13 countries, i.e. in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia (Ryadh and Jeddah), Kuwait, Qatar, Uni Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Syria and Jordania. Based on data of the Board of TKI Protection the number of TKI sent abroad numbers 429,872 people consisting of normal TKI 247,610 (58%) and informal TKI 182,262 (42%).

Beside Marketing Intelligence, the Role of Labor Attaches was to protect TKI, manage TKI database, monitoring the where about of TKI, evaluate performance of TKI placement agencies, avocation assistance for TKI, legalizing employment agreement, and training TKI being placed abroad.

In view of the importance of their role, Hanif had asked that the status of Labor Attaches to level up with diplomat that they could perform their task more effectively. Hanif stated that of 13 Labor Attaches in 12 countries, only 4 Labor Attaches had the status of diplomat while the rest only had the status of diplomat while the rest only had the status of technical staff. The consequences was that not all TKI problems could be overcome.

Hanif stated that the would manage and remap TKI problems from upstream to downstream and improve placement system.

Today the Labor Attache of diplomatic status were tose stationed in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ami Uni Arab Emirates the rest were technical staff in Labor Affairs.

Hanif reminded that to manage placement and protection system of TKI abroad, all stakeholders must collaborate to solve TKI problem. The Minister admitted that labor problem was wide and diversed, including therein TKI problem. Therefore collaboration was necessary among stakeholders.

Betterment of TKI management included upgrading of TKI quality of protection, improvement in the quality of TKI placement agencies (PPTKS), betterment of Government’s role in controlling and development of Government’s role in controlling and developing placement agencies, procurement of infra structure for TKI complaints by on line and management of TKI insurance. (SS)

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