Tuesday, 10 June 2014


The people and businessplayers in Indonesia were observing the mission, vision and program of candidate president/vice president for the period of 2014 - 2019 in regard to proposed program. The strategy still had to be finalized in the next stages.

The Presidential team Joko Widodo and Ju­suf Kala [Jokowi-JK] had officially signed up as participants of Presidential election 2014. Accordingly, they had submitted documents containing mission and vision to the Election Commission [KPU] although they were not published by the press.

Based on the document published by KPU through www.kpu.go.id the Jokowi-JK team set up the Self Reliant Economy Program based on the Vi­sion expressed as: "To build Indonesia which is Sovereign, Independent, Dignified, based on Shoul­der-to Shoulder [gotong royong] JOINT- endeavor spirit. The mission upheld by Jokowi-JK candidate team which was supported by PDI-P, Nasdem Party, PKB, and Hanura was:

  1. To build national security with the strength to for­tify geographical soverignity, support economic independence by securing maritime resources which is the symbol of Indonesia's personality as an archipelago country.
  2. To build an advanced, sustainable, and demo­cratic society based on the Law.
  3. To run a free-and-active external policy and strengthen national identity as a maritime state.
  4. To build a nation of high degree of nobility which is honorable, advanced and prosperous.
  5. To build a highly competitive nation.
  6. To build a maritime country which is independent, progressive, strong, to serve national interest.
  7. To build national pride in original personality es­pecially in culture. 
The Vision and Mission was encompassed in Nawa Citra which means Nine Priority Agenda i.e. 
  1. To reclaim the role of the state in protecting the nation and build a sense of security among all ciutizens.
  2. To establish an adminstration of good Governance, effective, democratic and reliable.
  3. To build Indonesia from the boundary regions, the strengthen the villages on borderline zones toward strengthening unity of the unified states.
  4. To refuse a weak state by reforming the system and enhance law enforcement to eradicate corruption; to be dignified and trustworthy.
  5. To promote quality of living of all Indonesian citi­zens.
  6. To promote people's productivity and strengthen competitiveness in the global market.
  7. To promote self-reliance in economy by activating strategic domestic economic sectors.
  8. To revolutionize national character building.
  9. To strengthen unity in diversity and enhance Indonesia's social restoration.
It was noteworthy that the Jokowi-JK team was most disheartened by the condition of agricul­ture in Indonesia. The team stated that there must be a bank to accommodate farmers' need. Farmers must not seek for cash from money lenders as the interest was strangling. By providing financial back up to farmers, they would be protected from brokers who determined buying price as they pleased. Brokers bought farmers's yield on hedging basis. To save fam­ers from brokers's domination, they must be helped to find access to credit facilities in banks.

To promote agriculture, the Government must prevent land conversion from plantation to industry or housing, Lastly, the Government must illuminate farmers on the use of local variety and help farmers to obtain fertizers. This is Governments homework to be done.

Indonesia must be self sufficient in food for now and the future. Infra structure must be built to the maximum. Stop building malls as they enhanced consumptive life production must be controlled.

Meanwhile the Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Ra­jasa team Of candidates planned to navigate the na­tion by their vision entitled, "To build Indonesia which is united, sovereign, just and prosperous," This Vision is specified as follows:
  1. To establish a state which is safe, prosperous, democratic and sovereign, and consistent in im­plementing the 1945 Constitution.
  2. To build Indonesia which is just, prosperous, dem­ocratic and sovereign, pro-people and self reliant.
  3. To build Indonesia which uphold social justice, with people of high morale, civilized and are of high quality.
The Prabowo-Hatta team also had a sound agenda to rescue Indonesia, i.e.
  1. To build Indonesia's economy which is strong, sovereign, just and prosperous.
  2. To run pro-people economy.
  3. To reclaim sovereignity in food, energy, and hu­man resources.
  4. To promote quality of Human Resources through reformation in education.
  5. To promote quality of social development through programs in health, social affairs, religion, culture and sports.
  6. To accelerate infra structure development. 
  7. To conserve nature and manage environment.
  8. To build a Government which protect the people from corruption, and serve the people well.
The Vision, Mission and Strategy of the two Presidential pairs had been presented, now it's all for the people to make their choice. The Mission and Vi­sion of the two competing teams are presentable, now it's a matter of execution by the winning team who by July 9, 2014 next shoulder the people's mis­sion to run the Government.

To the businessplayers, now they could scheme up their business strategy from now on by making analysis and calculations for development. This was important as anticipative step since the present Government would terminate office in Octo­ber to be succeeded by the next Government.

The right move by businessplayers in fine-tuning their strategic direction would bring benefit to business. Almost certainly, the mission and vi­sion and priority agenda of the Presidential candidate team would not change much when one of the teams emerge as winner on July 9, 2014 next. The phi­losophy was "It pays to prepare an umbrella before it rains”. (SS)

Business New - May 28, 2014

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