Monday, 16 June 2014


The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources [ESDM] pled for people's understanding of Electric­ity Saving Movement without stopping operational activities. Austerity in power consumption was to­day not exercised to the maximum, in spite of all the pleading. "In the end, energy management was for conservation. Energy saving doesn't mean to switch off all power. On the contrary use of electricity must be efficient without reducing safety and productiv­ity," Maritje Hutapea, Director of Energy Conserva­tion disclosed to Business News sometime ago.

Tariff adjustment in electricity had been effec­tive since May 1, 2014. Tariff adjustment [increase] was regularly on two-monthly basis. So far there were 62 categories of big subscribers like chemical industry, cement etc. but some of them already had their own generators. There is tariff adjustment."

The energy saving movement was now in par­allel with energy subsidy reduction. Year after year the amount of subsidy kept increasing. Total subsidy for electricity and oil came to around Rp.300 trillion. Meanwhile the total expenditure of APBN was around Rp.1.500 trillion, of which Rp.300 trillion was for sub­sidy. "We have been wasting around subsidy, while the Ministrial Regulation for energy saving plan is but obligation to Government institution, as they who are in Government circle are easier to convince".

The energy saving movement was a trickle down effect. The experience of Maritje as Govern­ment official must be referred to as example on mat­ters like punctuality. It was her experience when she had to attend a discussion facilitated by LSM Enegi Nusantara. At that time she was caught in a traffic jam but she had to arrive on time. So she had to ride on an Ojeg [motorcycle taxi] to arrive on time at Pelabuhan Sunda Kerlapa North Jakarta. "Unexpect­edly I was lost. Although the condition was sensitive, I still have to arrive on time. And the discussion was also about energy saving for stakeholders," Maritje disclosed before the attendants of the forum called Sunset Cruise Discussion.

The discussion took place on board the Quick­silver boat which sailed around the thousand islands. She was invited by the committee of Energy Nusanta­ra, Indonesia's leading energy network. She claimed that the forum, which was about energy conservation was her priority. Beside the need for publicizing the theme, it was also necessary for the stakeholders to share the same idea on building energy resilience. "I express my gratitude to Energi Nusantara, although that afternoon I almost cancel by attending the forum. My concern for energy conservation is also growing, that's what makes me feel happy."

Most of the participants of the forum were practitioners and professionals in electricity industry. They gathered at Plaza Senayan and depart for the harbour at around 13.00. At around 15.00 they em­barked on the Quicksilver boat; while enjoying the sea breeze they listened to presentation made by three speakers including Maritje.

The case of energy resilience had become a global problem including Indonesia, which was on ac­count of many factors such as high demand for elec­tricity, costly provision expenses, inevitable tariff in­crease, global warming so the role of technology was needed to sustain energy resilience, to save cost and to support endeavors in development of renewable en­ergy. For decades I have been serving the Directorate of Renewable Energy Development [EBT] and only for the past 2 years serving the energy conservation dept.”

Preparing herself for the forum, Maritje had first made pre-study of the subject, i.e. Energy conservation as an effort in both supply and demand through Energy Efficiency Initiatives. “My approach would be a little different because I am doing improvisation on the basic theme. I am referring to some issues as discussion. (SS)

Business News - May 30, 2014

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