Tuesday, 10 June 2014


The Indonesian Central Securities Deposito­ry (KSEI) in collaboration with the Indonesian Listed Companies Association (AEI) held a seminar for Listed Companies (Issuers). This activity aims to provide the latest information about the conditions in Indonesia and the impact on the capital market industry. In this event, an update on KSEI services is also presented.

In line with the development and condition in Indonesia, which is currently preparing for the Gen­eral Election, the seminar titled "Indonesia Heading Toward a New Future and KSEI Services".

KSEI also presented keynote speakers, Faisal Basri, who is an Indonesian economist and politician and Erwin Yap, feng shui expert, educator and face reader. The event was attended by approximately 350 participants who are representatives of compa­nies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Heri Sunaryadi, President Director of KSEI said that the democracy festival in Indonesia this time is the second largest after India. He hoped that it would have a positive impact on the Indonesian economy in the future. "Hopefully this seminar can be useful, and the speakers presented in the seminar can provide ad­ditional insights, knowledge and new experience for all participants" he said on Thursday (May 22).

The first session of the seminar starts with the information about the development of KSEI ser­vices by Dharma Setyadi, Acting Head of the Settle­ment and Oversight Division of KSEI. Dharma said that information about the importance of having a Single Investor Identification (SID) for investors in capital market transactions. The purpose of SID is not just for identity, but it is also important for investor protection and information disclosure.

"SID must be owned by all investors. It is for convenience of investors in doing transaction in the capital market so that it can be monitored because SID is a single identity", said Dharma. "In the future, with SID, investors can see the balance of the securi­ties they held through the ATM", Dharma added.

Regarding Listed Companies, Dharma con­veyed information about Issuer Area facility. Issuer Area is a facility that can be accessed via the Inter­net provided by KSEI for Listed Companies to find out information and data of ownership of securities issued by the Listed Companies listed on KSEI collec­tive custody (scripless). "The purpose of this facility to facilitate the Listed Companies to obtain a List of Securities Holders and can be helpful in reporting", he added.

Dharma conveyed about Listed Companies' obligation to present information about each corpo­rate action plan to KSEI on the same date with the announcement of the corporate action plan by the Listed Companies. Rules regarding submission of in­formation by Listed Companies are set forth in Point 2.9.1 of Regulation concerning Central Depository Services.

The second session was presented by Faisal Basri, Indonesian economist and politician. Faisal was responding to the conditions that would be faced by Indonesia after the 2014 general election, especially the impact on the capital market industry. Faisal ex­plained that the President-elect is very influential to economic growth in Indonesia, particularly the capital market industry. The market will respond positively or negatively to the general election results about who will lead the country in the next five years. (E)

Business New - May 28, 2014

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