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1.          Oil & Gas and Non Oil & Gas Imports

Indonesia’s imports in April 2014 reached USD 16,256.3 million, increased USD 1,732.6 million (11.93 percent) from March 2014. This was due to the increase in the value of non-oil & gas imports by USD 2,034.1 million (19.32 per cent), although oil & gas imports fell by USD 301.5 million (7.55 percent). The decline in oil & gas imports was triggered by the decrease in imports of crude oil and oil products by USD 351.8 million (24.78 percent) and USD11.8 million (0.50 percent), respectively. While, gas imports increased by USD62.1 million (29.63 percent).

Indonesia’s imports from January to April 2014 reached USD49,486.9 million, down USD2,627.1 million (4.23 percent) over the same period of the previous year. The decline oil & gas imports by USD445.2 million (2.94 percent) and non-oil & gas imports by USD2,181.9 million (4.64 percent) triggered a decrease in the value of Indonesian imports. In more detail, the decline in oil & gas imports was caused by the decline in the value of imports of crude oil and oil products by USD307.1 million (6.45 percent) and USD151.4 million (1.63 percent), respectively, although gas imports increased by USD13.3 million (1.20 percent).

2.    Non Oil & Gas Imports by 2-Digit HS Group of Goods

During April 2014, the value of Indonesian non-oil & gas imports  reached USD12,563.2 million. Of the ten major categories of goods, only motor vehicles and parts thereof which experienced a decrease in import value compared to March 2014, which is by USD4.4 million or 0.78 percent. While, nine other groups of goods experienced an increase in import value. 

Of the nine categories of goods which experienced an increase in import value, two classes of goods increased over USD200.00 million, they are machinery and mechanical appliances by USD356.5 million (17.80 percent). The following three classes of goods increased from USD100.0 million to USD200.0 million, namely was from the food industry by USD 134.1 million (92.67 percent), plastics and articles thereof by USD108.8 million (17.47 percent), and iron and steel by USD 105.0 million (15.59 percent). While, the remaining four groups of goods increased below USD100.0, i.e. cotton by USD88.7 million (46.71 percent), cereals by USD81.7 million (33.96 percent), organic chemicals by USD77.0 million (13.65 percent), and articles of iron and steel by USD 63.9 million (21.22 percent)

3.        Non Oil & gas Import by Main Countries of Origin

Total value of Indonesian non-oil & gas imports in April

Business News - June 4, 2014

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