Tuesday, 3 June 2014


The Government required that all imported products [non-food and non-medical] were obliged to insert label in Bahasa Indonesia. This was neces­sary to protect consumers right for clear information which was right, honest and easily understood and also as guarantee of product quality as assured by the Law of Consumer's protection.

Development and control of products was exercised through regulation of limited labeling and effectiveness of certain type of products gradually. The label must at least contain information of product and identity of producer whilst in case of products re­lated to health, safety and environmental safety [K3L] it was required to include symbols of danger, warning for cautiousness or clear warning.

With release of that regulation, the Associa­tion of National Importers [GINSI] asked the Govern­ment to enhance propagation of Implementation of Permendag No. 67/2013 on the Obligation of Insert­ing Labeling in Indonesian Language to be effective by June 25 2014. The pressing time factor which was only around one month, made GINSI to enhance propagation.

The Secretary General of GINSI Achmad Ridwan Tento stated in Jakarta on Monday [12/5] the Government needed to enhance propagation so im­porters would clearly understand the rules written in the Permendag, and had enough time to make prepa­rations. He said that in principle importers agree with the Regulation which protected consumers. "Howev­er it was necessary to constantly propagate so com­pany could prepare themselves to prevent turbulence in the future," he said.

In the near future, Ridwan said, GINSI would update data and ask importers' readiness all over the country which numbered around 3,000 to execute the Permendag. The Regulation required all products, local or imported to use label in Indonesian which was permanent - and importers were obliged to have cer­tificate of labeling obedience. [SKPLBI].

Meanwhile the Controlling Board of Medicine and Food IBPOM] reported violation of the Regulation was only 8% left in all of Indonesia since obligation in 2012. Violation in 2012 was posted at 23% of total product in circulation. Head of BPOM Roy A. Saparinga stated that all products must insert label in Indonesian language since 2012.

He explained the tall processed food enter­ing Indonesia must be backed up by Certificate of importing [SKI" Besides he would inspect imported products stored in the warehouse. Roy said that all imported products circulated in Indonesia were obliged to insert label In Indonesian. In case of violations stringent sanction would be put according to the rule.

In case of products already activated but the label was not in compliance to the rule producers or importers were obliged to make adjustments gradu­ally and properly in at least 6 months. The command was in accordance with Permendag No. 62/M-DAG/ PER/12/2009 jo. Number 22/M-DAG/PER/5/2010 on mandatory labeling in Bahasa Indonesia. (SS)

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