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PT Pertamina (Persero) had taken preventive measures to anticipate up jump of oil-gas consumption in some regions in Indonesia during the Ramadhan fasting month and Idul Fitri 1433 H/2012. The estimated use of oil-gas and LPG during the fasting month and Lebaran was predicted to increase by the following amount: respectively Premium rose by 3.3% and daily average normal 78,000 KL to become 80,000 KL. Avtur rose by 5% from the average normal daily 210,763 KL to become 11,384 KL and LPG PSO rose by 3% of to average normal 44,000 KL to become 38,000 KL and LPG non PSO equal to daily normal 3,595 MT.

Pertamina constantly strived to maintain national stock of oil and gas at safe level through the fasting month and Lebaran (August 04 – September 04, 2012) with average stock resilience over that period i.e. Premium for 17.19 days solar oil 18.28 days, Avtur 20,95 days; Peramax 67.87 days; Pertamax Plus 72.40 days and LPG 19.04 days while stock of national oil and gas per July 19, 2012 i.e. Premium 1,257,377 KL (16.19 days); solar oil 1,386,759 KL (17.22 days), Avtur 201,298 KL (19.54 days); Pertamax Plus 65,97 days, and LPG 337,7978 KL (21.37 days).

“Pertamina is ready to render the best of services to the people by continuously maintaining stock resilience and preparing distribution of oil and gas effectively to anticipate increasing demand over the month of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri 1433 H” Marketing & Trading Director Pertamina Hanung Budya told Business News (23/7).

Pertamina set up Task Force Command Posts (Posko Satgas) to monitor stock of oil and readiness to serve the public as per H-14 to H+14 (August 06 – September 04, 2012). Some steps being prepared by PT Pertamina (Persero) in safeguarding oil and gas distribution were as follows:

  1. To maintan resillence of oil and gas stock at safe level.
  2. SPBU operates for full 24 hours especially to serve Home for Lebaran (Mudik) routes starting from H-15 to H+15 through Pantura Northern ways, South of Java ways, Merak and Lampung.
  3. To set up reserve gas stations (SPBU) which were appointed as tanks reserving oil to be distributed to critical SPBU in times of emergency shortage to anticipate distribution hindrances due to traffic jams in 63 (six three) locations.
  4. Switching of planted tanks at SPBU gas stations from Solar to Premium/Pertamax.
  5. To maximize tanker trucks and expand armada of tanker trucks in North Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali by 6.5% of existing tanker trucks.
  6. To regulate tank filling services by separating motorcar service lane and motorcycle service lane and set up special transit gas stations for motorcycles in 117 location points.
  7. To prepare Regular Alternative on Emergency (RAE) platform in case of problem in oil and gas distribution at any supply point.
  8. To maintain coordination with Hiswana Migas, the Regional Government, the Police Dept. and other related institutions toward maintaining a safe condition in maintaining smoothness of oil distribution.

In a separate location, President Director of Pertamina Karen Agustiawan claimed that the Pertamax Racing produced by Refinery Unit III Plaju was the only racing-car fuel products produced domestically. PT Pertamina (Persero) also espanded sales of Pertamax Racing produced by Refinery Unit III Plaju was the only racing-car fuel products produced domestically. PT Pertamina (Persero) also expanded sales of Pertamax Racing through dispenser outlets at Public gas Stations (SPBU).

Such was part of Pertamina’s commitment to meet consumers demand for high quality racing fuel.

“Launching of this Pertamax Racing Outlet was to keep up with the growing trend of conducted racing events which needed high quality racing fuel of international standard” Karen disclosed to Business News sometime ago.

Furthermore the Pertamina racing product refers to the specifications set by the Federation International Motor (FIM) and Federation International Automobile (FIA) so the Pertamina Racing product was qualified for export. Pertamina had marketed Pertamina Racing fuel in 20 liter pails since December 2010 with distribution areas in Java and Sumatra. In Jabotabek Greater Jakarta as first target market at market this oil fuel of minimum 100 RON was now available at outlet dispensers in 2 SPBU stations namely SPBU COCO 31.129.02 Kuningan and SPBU COCO 31.122.40 Pertamax series in Pondok Indah.

“Sales of Pertamax Racing in Jakarta would be exercised through dispensers which so far were in Kuningan SPBU station and Pondok Indah. For sales in the form of 20 liter packaging, the product was already distributed in 53 SPBU COCO in Greater Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, and 14 SPBU COCO which could serve buyers of Pertamina Racing in Sumatra” Karen remarked.

Pertamina Racing Fuel was the kind of fuel with High Torsion without the risk of detonation so the vehicle remained responsive with stable performance and high resistance. This product was a high grade fuel quality which was environmentally friendly (contained bio-ethanol & free of residue/TEL and specially formulated for racing cars and modern cars of high compression, i.e. above 10.1 so it was safe for the engine, not releasing any emission that endangered mechanic health, racers or spectators at the racing circuit.

Pertamina Racing available at dispenser outlets was priced at Rp 35.000,- (thirty thousand Rupiah) per liter. Price of Pertamax racing was tentative so it was subject to change anytime in accordance with world’s oil price. Besides through agents and SPBU stations, ordering of Pertamax Racing could be done through Contact Pertamina 500,000.
Business News - July 27, 2012        

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