Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The Government prepared addendum to amended Presidential Regulation no: 86/2011 yesterday in relation to the Sunda Straits bridge project which would connect Sumatra and Java.

As planned, the Regulation would be released in the form of Ministerial Regulation. The Ministry of Public Works Djoko Kirmato said that the Regulation was meant to accommodate recommendations from the Ministry of Finance who previously proposed revision of the Presidential Regulation.

Furthermore the Regulation also substances not written in the Presidential Regulation signed by the President. “Most likely to be issued by the Minister of Economy in the form of Permenko” Djoko stated in Jakarta on Thursday (19/7).

Substance of the Regulation was to be discussed by the Team of Seven formed as a result of JSS discussion last week, where the Minister of Public Works themselves was one of the members of the team.

Basically there had been some points being agreed upon by the Government in undertaking the project, but the final decision would only be made after it had been submitted by the Team of Seven. Some of the rules which would probably be part of the addendum was the recommendation that implementation of the feasibility study of the bridge be financed by the Government (burdened on the APBN state budget) including development plan for the surrounding areas.

The rules for formation of the Ministerial Regulation including addendum was made possible by the Presidential Regulation no. 86 ear 2011 where one of the articles stated that further arrangement could be included in another regulation.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Finance Agus Martowardojo was reluctant to explain the reason for his visiting the Ministry of Public Works at the Office of the Ministry of Public Works of RI. As told, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Works had conducted a closed meeting for about two hours at the Ministry of Public Work’s office.

Meanwhile separately the Director General of Space Planning, Ministry of Public Works Imam s. Ernawi stated that delineation of regions around the Sunda Straits Bridge means to develop eight regencies/cities plus 109 districts in the Province of Lampung including among other Tanggamus, South Lampung, East Lampung, Central Lampung, Peswaran, Pringsewu, Bandar Lampung, and Metro. Meanwhile in the Province of Banten development would be in 59 districts among others Pandeglang, Lebak, and Serang.

In the JSS zone in the Province of Lampung, clusters could be made such as agriculture, industry, and tourism, while in Banten the clusters to be made were for tourism, and other potential economic zones.  

Business News - July 25, 2012

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