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Some managers of Indonesian Senior and Junior pop singers were still unwilling to accept sponsorship by cigarette producers especially in terms of solo concerts. But on the other hand cigarette advertisements could serve as “short cut” for entertainers to solve their financing problem. “Many cigarette producers are willing to act as sponsor of our show, but we cannot accept because if there are children among the audience during our concert, artist’s managers and promoters could be prosecuted” Lolita Leimena, manager of one of Indonesia’s senior singers disclosed to Business News (3/8).

The dilemma of using cigarette companies as sponsors, very frequently ended up in refusal, so concert managers finally must find non-cigarette sponsors. “On the other hand we are also worried that if ticket prices were expensive, the auditorium would be empty on the other hand if tickets were cheap, we are afraid to lose”.

Lolita was manager of senior singer Harvey Malaihollo who planned to stage a concert next September. The concert would be staged to commemorate Harvey’s 35 year career in music entertainment. This concert was for the second time after holding the same concert 10 years ago at Mulia Hotel. The dilemma of ticket pricing and public enthusiasm was a hard problem for an event organizer. “We cannot reduce price to pay honorarium of artists and musicians. In terms of honorarium we refer to the agreed price with other managers”.

Other thing was that managers were having difficulty in finding sponsors who sponsored not in the form of money but in facilities and equipments. Many hotels and building owners were unwilling to offer special price for Indonesian singers, which was contradictory to treatment for overseas singers. “There are building owners and managers who dare to offer free rental to overseas artists, but for domestic singers they are not cooperative at all”.

Foreign singers and entertainers were more favored and widely acclaimed than local artists, so it had the effect on sponsorship building and hotel were the most important facilities for staging a concert. In addition to that stage and auditorium were a portent part in staging a concert. “Stage design and arrangement need big budget, starting from decoration, equipment etc. Domestic singers are most particular about stage setting, but for foreign singers stage were often without any decoration because poor stage setting also had the impact on public response”.

Lolita claimed that tickets for Harvey’s concert was low priced. Moreover the concert would be made merrier by guest artists, the young ones and the old ones alike including singers of the 1980’s. Concert of Indonesian singers was for the organizing committee part of the I love Indonesian Product campaign, but even that had no positive impact on stimulating the local audience to appreciate local artists and their creations. “We have to work hard, because the public’s acclaim for overseas singers are bigger than for local singers. Evebtually we think: the Lady Gaga concert was rejected, why not transfer the sponsorship fund to Indonesia singers?”

Some management of Indonesia entertainers were also worried that the I love Indonesian Product campaign was mere lip service because in reality some event organizers of music and film performance still gave convenience and high pay to foreign artists. “In case of foreign entertainers, they are often discerning about hotel, transportation or even types of food and beverages. Organizing committees claim they could not reject demand of foreign artists. In case of Indonesian singers they simply have to accept what has been arranged by the organizer and sponsor”.

In view of the above, the management of Harvey Malaiholo admitted they would sell tickets at low price i.e. Rp 175 thousand – Rp 1 million. This concert was expected to serve as nostalgic remedy especially for fans who were in the age bracket of 40 – 60 years. This concert would also be made merrier by young singers and Malaysian singer Sheila Madjid as guest artist.

In a different location PT BCA stated that development of art and culture in Indonesia was part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so BCA was supportive to staging national arts and culture featuring their unique features and characteristics. “The way we seen it, our customers also live in lifestyles and are appreciative of art, interior design and music. We keep on facilitating these cultural events so events like the Bazaar Art Jakarta which would be part of program of dedication to art and culture” Adranus W. Senior Manager of BCA disclosed to Business News sometime ago.

The Bazaar Art invited visitors to explore the world of contemporary art, so the expo hall of Bazaar Art was full of artworks in architecture, installation, motor vehicles accessories etc. “We are giving special price as well with price discount of 10 – 15 percent and such are commplace”.

BCA felt sure that the nuance of I love Indonesian Product campaign was inclusive in the expo, so the theme being aired was Celebrating Indonesian Heritage. Nearly all expo participants including interior design also explored the concept of Indonesian culture, for example the Heritage of Iwan Tirta which exposed Batik workpieces in various media of expression. In addition to that presentation of Mahzab Bandung exposed modern art, Wayang in Art, Art galley, encompassing Indonesia’s domain of culture through various materials as medium.

Business News - August 10, 2012

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