Wednesday, 16 September 2009

House’s Commission IV Agreed on Budget for Organic Fertilizers of Rp. 6.2 Trillions

House’s Commission IV agreed on allocation of budget for organic fertilizers of Rp. 6.2 trillions. This amount would be allocated in form of activity of development of 10,000 organic fertilizers processing units. Each unit consisted of 30 cows, compost house, organic fertilizers process machine, means of transportation, and training on how to make organic fertilizers. This was one of the conclusions of the meeting between House’s Commission IV chaired by Chairman of Commission IV, Arifin Junaidi, and Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriyantono, at the Parliament Building.

And, allocation of budget for organic fertilizers would be given in form of direct fertilizers aid. The fertilizers aid was a compensation for reduction of subsidy for chemical fertilizers from Rp. 17.5 trillions to Rp. 11.3 trillions.

Commission IV also agreed on a temporary ceiling of Work & Budget Plan of Ministerial Institution (RKA-KL) for the Ministry of Agriculture for 2010 of Rp. 7.95 trillions. The RKA-KL consists of Pure Rupiah Value at Rp. 7,602 trillions, from Foreign Loans-Grants at Rp. 313 billions, and from Non-Taxable State Revenue at Rp. 36.1 billions.

Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriyantono, said that allocation of RAPBN 2010 of Rp. 7.95 trillions would be allocated to various work programs, amongst others, for increasing farmers’ welfare at Rp. 3,146 trillions, for increasing food security at Rp. 2,961 trillions, for increasing competitiveness and added value of agricultural products at Rp. 547 billions, for control and accountability of apparatuses at Rp. 33.1 billions, for government administration at Rp. 1,188 trillions, and for middle & high education at Rp. 74.9 billions.

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