Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Presentation of National Standard of Working Competence in the Forestry Sector

Effective and efficient management of forest resources called for readiness of expertise, education and training of personal who operated them. Therefore, a specialized education and training plan, based on proper standard of competence in forestry management became a pressing necessity.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Dr. Ir Erman Suparno, MBA, M. Sii on the occasion of Presentation of National Standard of Working Competence [SKKNI] of the Forestry Sector to the Minister of Forestry MS Kaban at the Manggala Wanabakti Building of the Department of Forestry.

In that same opportunity, the National Board of Professional Certification [BNSP] represented ny Head of BNSP Tjepy F. Alowie submitted Letter of Accreditation to the Boar of Professional Forestry Certification [LSP-HI] of the Department of Forestry who had the authority to issue specialized certification in the forestry sector.

The Minister of Manpower and Transmigration stated that the application of SKKMI certificate in the forestry sector would hopefully prepare and promote the competency of human resources of the forestry industry, especially those related to planning, exploitation, rejuvenation and rehabilitation of forests.

Furthermore it was set forth that SKKNI was used as main reference in the formation of educational and training program as well setting up of examination syllabus for certification of working competence. This standard of working competence was also applicable for recruitment procedures, personnel posting, and advancement programs for employees.

The process of professional certification which referred to the standard of working competence would enable monitoring over workers’ performance and standard of professionalism of forestry personnel, which would eventually lead to better forestry management effectiveness.

The standard of working competence specified worker’s capability including the aspects of knowledge, skill, and professional attitude which was relevant to duties and employees’ qualification. The standard of competence was based on the industry’s actual need as agreed and acknowledged by the stakeholders.

Test of Competence was exercised by the National Board of Professional Certification [BNSP] through the Board of Professional Certification [LSP]. Meanwhile the Department of Forestry itself had since 2006 formed Indonesia’s Forestry LSP which was to undertake certification of professional competence on professional segments in forestry, among others the Head of Forest Management, Forestry Illuminators, Evaluators of Forestry Performance, Technical Personnel of Perum Perhutani, and Forestry Technicians.

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