Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The National Logistics Agency has Distributed 500.000 Tons of Sugar Produced by PT PN/RNI

The National Logistics Agency [BULOG] has distributed sugar produced by PT Perkebunan Nusantara [PTPN] and PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia [RNI] of 500,000 tons from 665,000 tons target. The recent selling price has reached Rp. 8,000/kg. To decrease prices of sugar is ineffective considering that sugar distributed by BULOG reaches only 14.6% of national sugar production. Mustafa Abubakar, President Director of Perum BULOG, told journalists.

If we will control prices of sugar using the similar method for controlling prices of rice, the consequence is that the government must have sugar stock funded by the government. But, this pattern could not immediately be realized because it needs APBN budget. Therefore, it was proposed to the State Ministry of State Enterprises that if price of sugar will be controlled using the same method used for controlling price of rice, the government must have sugar stock to stabilize prices. The amount, up to this date, has not been calculated.

The reason is because BULOG, until this day, has not received any assignment to stabilize price of sugar so the role of BULOG is only as marketing agent of sugar produced by PTPN and RNI. BULOG has distributed sugar through second and third distributors. Third distributors consist of traders being members of Traders Cooperatives [KOPPAS]. Its members consist of members of Apegti [Association of Sugar and Wheat Flour Businessmen]. This is to shorten the chain and to accelerate even distribution of sugar to all regions.

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