Monday, 27 July 2009

Through January-April 2009 Indonesia’s Export of Textile and Textile Product Down by 10.22%

Through the period of January-April 2009 Indonesia’s export of textile and textile products to the USA showed a downturn of 10,22 percent where notable downturn was in export of textile 25,9%,and garments 2.56%. According to the Chairman of Indonesian Textile Association [API] Benny Sutrisno in Jakarta Tuesday [30/6] after opening of the Uniform in Style 3rd Uniform and Work Wears Fair 2009 at the plaza Deperin was because the USA as one of the world’s greatest textile imports due to global crisis.

Report of the office of Textile and Apparel [OTEXA] of the USA, import of Textile and Textile Products was down by 10,91% compared to the same period last year. The downturn was in textiles 12,46% while import of garments was down by 8.88%. Those were the cause of the downturn of Indonesia’s Textile export to the USA.

Benny elaborated further that the condition did not only occur in the USA market, but also on other major textile markets like Europe and Japan. Hence the Ministry of Trade noted decrease of textile exports up to February this year by 14.3 percent, including downturn of textile export by 36081% and garments by 3.21%.

Under the circumstances, various measures has been taken like market diversification of export destination to Asian states and the middle east like Egypt, Syria, South Korea. In those regions, Indonesia only marked a downturn export with Turkey because in Turkey anti dumping tax were imposed on Indonesian textile products at USD 30 cent /kg above normal rates.

Meanwhile in the Asian Region, some countries were making their marks in textile production like among others China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam which was due to political and economic stability in those regions. Indonesia in particular, the growth of textile industry through March till April 2009 was still favorable textile sales might still show and upturn in the domestic market.

The demand for textile in the domestic Market in Indonesia was jacked up by general election, the more political campaigns, the more textile were consumed for banners, which energized the textile industry, especially in the past few months this year. Indonesia was known as the most complete textile industry where the structure was filled by factories from weaving to spinning this was the kind of structure not owned by other ASEAN states so if not benefited to the maximum, Indonesia miss great market opportunities.

Meanwhile the Director General of Metal and Textile Machineries Aneka [ILMTA] of the Department of Industry Ansari Buchari remarked, the expo which would take place until July 09 was expected to connect consumers, producers and designers in the effort to foster collaboration in the effort to foster collaborations in the effort to foster collaborations in the effort to meet market demand, especially of workers and students school uniform.

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