Monday, 27 July 2009

Inflation by June 2009 Posted at 10.11%

The development of various commodities in June 2009 generally showed increase. Based on observation of BPS Statistics Bureau in 66 cities by June 2009 inflation was 0.11 percent, or an increase of Consumers Price Index [IHK] 2009 amounting to 0.21 percent, whilest the inflation rate year on year [June 2009 against June 2008] was 3.65 percent.

Inflation was due to increase of prices as indicated by increase of price index in the categories of ready food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco 0.29 percent, categories of housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel 0.04 percent, categories of garment 0.30 percent, categories of health 0.23 percent, categories of education, recreation and sports 0.09 percent and categories of transportation, communication and Financial services 0.25 percent. Mean while’s the categories which showed lowering of index was food raw materials 0.81 percent.

Some commodities which showed price increase through June 2009 were among others air transportation, garlic’s, rawit chili, gold and jewelry, chicken meat, long beans, lemon, rice and fillings, and sugar. Meanwhile the commodities showing price downturn were: fresh fish, red chili, frying oil, spinach, raw tofu, temped and red onions.
In June 2009, the commodities which contribute to inflation were: ready food, beverages, cigarette, and tobacco 0.06 percent, category of housing 0.01 percent, category of garment 0.02 percent, category of health 0.01 percent, category of education, recreation and sports 0.01 percent, category of transportation, communication and financial services 0.04 percent, whilst the categories which contributed to deflation was raw food 0.04 %.

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