Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Creative Industry Projected to Support Economic Growth

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono felt sure that the creative industry in Indonesia would serve as one of the supporting cornerstones of the nation’s economic growth in the future. This was disclosed upon opening the Indonesian Creative Product Fair 2009 in Jakarta Friday [26/6].

According to the President, in the future Indonesia’s economy could no longer rely solely on agriculture and conventional services. The way it had been. These conventional occupation served as economic backbone of the nation. Agriculture for instances, served to support domestic need, whilst manufacturing could accommodate numerous workers and business lines of service nature had been growing favorably.

However, apart from developing creative products, there were two other business lines which called for attention to be developed, this were tourism and creative industry, because these were two areas where the nation’s economy could rely on. “The creative industry which is based on culture and technology could be highly contribute the nation’s economic growth and offered more job opportunities systematically, which in the end might contribute to mini mizing poverty in Indonesia” the President remarked.

Meanwhile the Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu stated that the role of small-and-medium business would be able to jack-up the contribution of creative industry to the Nation’s GDP to became 8% through the period of 2004-2008. Formerly contribution of the creative industry which was shared by big and medium players only was only posted at 6.3% during the data updating of the creative industry, the Minister added 6.3% contribution to the GDP on behalf of big- and-medium companies plus micro industry and household. The contribution of small-and-medium business was up by 8% in 2004-2008 which was significant and therefore shall continue to be enhanced.
Of 14 sub-sectors o the creative industry, the following showed very significant increase fashion, music, film, software’s, advertising, architecture, and inter-actives . Under adverse conditions due to crisis, The Minister disclosed, the creative industry showed positive growth. Road map of the creative industry showed by 2025, this sector would be one of the cornerstones of the nation’s economy together with agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

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