Monday, 27 July 2009

Indonesia’s Export of Fish and Shrimps Marks an Upturn

The epidemy of bird’s flu and swine flu in the world resulted in boosting of fish and shrimps export from Indonesia.

The consumers of Japan, United States of America and Europe which were the main targets of Indonesia’s fish and shrimps exports had shifted to these two commodities for reasons safety.

“There were fears of chicken meat and beef being infected by birds flu and swine flu, hence it is felt safer to convert to fish and shrimps” this was told by Kusdianto, Spokesperson of the Department of Maritime to Business News by phone on Thursday [2/7].

This applied also to other export destination states for Indonesian fish and shrimps, like east Europe, the Middle East, and others.

“Demand from middle east, in spite of the small quantity, increase one hundred percent” Kasubdit Ekspor BPS: Volume Ekspor Ikan dan Udang naik 27% Pada bulan 2009 Sub-Division Head of Export BPS: Volume of Fish and Shrimps Export Up by 27 percent in May 2009.

Total export volume of Indonesian fish and shrimps in May 2009 was up by 27.03 percent to become 59,500 tons compared to export volume of previous month.

As far as the state income was concerned, there had been an increase of 1.94 percent to become USD 137 million by May 2009, compared to income in April of the same year, this was disclosed by Dr Titi Kanti, Sub-Division Head of BPS Export to Business News Wednesday [1/7].

The Director General of Cultivation and Production, Department of Maritime and Fishery Fish Pond Areas to be Expanded to Increase Shrimp Production Output.

Optimizing the shrimp ponds in several places in Indonesia has jacked up the production out put of shrimps.

There were numerous shrimp ponds which were being abandoned since the epidemy of disease which effected the windu shrimps, now were being once more to cultivate the Vaname or white shrimp species.

This had been happening since last year, particularly in Sulawesi and Kalimantan.
“The demand for shrimps never went down and continued to increase; with the upturn of production, automatically the export of shrimps would increase” this was disclosed by the Directorate of Cultivation and Production and Maritime and Fishery to Business News by phone Thursday [2/7].

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