Monday, 27 July 2009

Government to Issue Decree of The Ministry of Communication and Information on The Operation of Internet Protocol Television

Having consulted the public on June 16 to 19 2009, the Department of Communication and Information had just completed the Draft of the regulation of the Ministry of Communication and Information on Conducting the Internet Protocol Television/IPTV in Indonesia, it was expected that in the near future this draft of the Ministry Regulation would be passed, this was disclosed by Head of the Center of Information and Public Relations, Department of Comm and Info, Gatot Dewa Broto To the press.

In that public consultation, certain responses gad been addressed to the “white paper” i.e. Policy Plan of the Conducting of IPTV in Indonesia, among others from PT Telcom, PT Excelmindo Pratama, and PT Indonusa Telemedia; result of the consultant had become subject of discourse with various parties toward finalization of the draft.

The operation of IPTV had been developing vastly today as highly prospective business opportunity especially in Western Europe, and Amerika. IPTV developed significantly since 2007 in line with the introduction of you Tube, social network site My Face, Facebook etc.

IPTV services presented interactive program’s with high quality pictures through broadband, well managed internet network. Among the IPTV programs were Electronic Program Guide, Broadcast/Live TV, Pay Per View, Personal Video Recording, Pause TV, Video on Demand, Music on Demand, [walled garden], Gaming, Interactive Advertisements, and TV Commerce.

In Indonesia there were several telecommunication operators who were interested to present the services. This indicated that the draft were not made just for the sake of copying other countries, but rather because of International tendency which was potential in Indonesia while Indonesia operators while condition were conducive for such operations.
The most essential thing in this case was the permit procedure, The consortium consist of a combination of at least some legal bodies in Indonesia who were bound in a company [PT] which were authorized to operate in telecommunication business line; they might apply in writing to the Minister to obtain a permit including there in the required enclosures.

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