Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Evaluation over taxpayers (WP) obedience unveiled a certain phenomenon, i.e. taxpaying tend to drop in the past 8 year compared against economic growth. Secondly, obedience in submitting Letter of Notice (SPT) tend to drop compared to the effort of tax extensification by the Directorate general Taxation. The evaluation was disclosed by Director of Tax Examination and Billiong Edi Slamet Irianto through their press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (9/6).

Therefore to begin the policy of Tax Subject Counseling Year 2015, DJP started to consolidate. Through Technical Meeting of Law Enforcement 2015 DJP started to mobilize their team of Law enforcers in Surabaya on 8-12 June 2015.

Conducting of the meeting was meant as correction to the two phenomenon so in the future it was expected that people’s obedience to pay tax would improve. In the future, DJP would implement Information Technology to administer auditing process applied on tax subjects. “If in the process of auditing repeated correction was made year after year, initial examination could be exercised for further investigation,” Edi said.

As with year 2015 Edi explained that the strategy to support Year of Tax Subject 2015, among others with focus on delay of examination. However it was not impossible new instruction would be given if there were indications that Year of Taxpayer Counseling 2015 was not well benefited by Tax subjects.

Furthermore the National Workshop on Tax Law 2015 was intended to align law enforcement policy to safeguard Year of Taxpayer Counseling 2015.

DJP themselves had several instruments for legal law enforcement to enhance taxpayer’s royalty to pay taxes starting form tax auditing, initial examination, tax investigation and tax hostaging. (SS) 

Business News - June 12, 2015

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