Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Overseas business people, especially those buying furniture products in Jepara or Solo, Central Java persisted that they broke the immigration rule, as the information obtained from the Indonesia Embassy. Visa on arrival was valid for three purpose, i.e. tourism, social culture and business. For the business category VoA was designed for visit to Indonesia combined with business activities, but not including recruitment of employees. VoA holders were also not permitted to do activities which produced money, directly or indirectly.

Activities which produced money for VoA holders, through trading or working, was regarded as breaking the immigration Law. “In China or The Arab Emirate Republic the rule is even more condusive. The applied Visa on Arrival to propel business at home” Dian Jing, owner of a Trading Agent in Dubai told Business News (1/6).

VoA for the holiday or recreation was the safest. Tourist who were on holiday in Indonesia tend to spend their money here. The second category was VoA for social activities. This visa was meant for those who were directly involved in cultural exchange activities and the like. There were also foreign visitors coming for religious purpose. According to B.N data some Bhikku Budhist priest from Thailand use Voa for Social Culture activities.

VoA of the social culture category was also used to visit relatives, to study, sports activities etc., “We came to Jakarta with VoA Tourist to visit some trade show like IFEX, IFFINA at JIE expo, JCC Senayan and simultaneously do business and for leisure t Central Java”.

“Incidentally we saw some furniture products. We order by e mail and check directly to the workshop. We are not doing business, as informed by the Indonesian embassy. We don’t have any office spend the night in a hotel in Semarang. We don’t produce and we don’t have a studio. If the Indonesian Government wish to jack up export they should have special attention for us”.

Friction between foreign businesspeople and JM in Jepara was feared was feared to distort Indonesia’s image. The argument was blaming each other. According to Diana, both parties had signed the agreement including pricing, they forced buyer to pay although product specification was not as agreed. “They finally turn to anarchy and accused us of breaking immigration rule. We refer to the Indonesian Embassy in our country. Incidentally we are an agency touring to some countries including Seychelles, Europe and Dubai”.

For comparison, million of tourists from around the world came to visit Trade expo in China. The Embassy of China in many countries served visa. Businesspeople same to buy China’s products. “Conducive business activities promoted economy of a nation. The Government of Dubai provided visa valid for 3 months. UKM player like JM forced us to buy products which were not in accordance with specifications, they are the ones who break the rule”. (SS)

Business News - June 5, 2015

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