Wednesday, 19 August 2015


The Ministry of Maritime and fishery was determined to fight illegal fishing practices in Indonesian waters. Illegal fishing was an organized crime so the Government must crackdown on fish stealing and Unreported and Unregulated Fishing. Naturally the sanction for illegal fishing must be proportional with the degree of crime committed. The Ministry noted that the potential loss from illegal fishing might come to USD 20 billion or equal to Rp.240 trillion.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and fishery Susi Pudjiastuti stated in Jakarta on Monday (1/6) that the situation of illegal fishing was becoming clearer after holding the position of Minister for half a year. In the past, cases of illegal fishing was not widely unveiled, but now action had been taken on illegal fishers and had bought positive results. Susi said that based on BPS data, the maritime and fishery sector had performed better in Q 1 2015 compared to other sectors like agriculture and forestry.

Furthermore Susi said that import of fish products was reported to decrease thanks to eradication of illegal fishing in Indonesian waters. Susi stated that the unveiled case of sailor’s slavery in Benjina, Maluku justified the intention to crackdown on illegal fishing. Previously the ministry of KKP reminded that the Courts verdict which only impose fine of fish stealers would be observed by UNI Europe and the USA which were Indonesia’s target market for fish products.

Susi also unveiled a new modus of fish stealing, so now Indonesia rejected import fish from Papua New Guinea. Sometime ago two fish processing companies from Bitung were not given import permit fish as raw metrial from Papua New Guinea. Demand for import of was suspected as a new fish stealing practices done in Indonesia. Ever since the Government of Indonesia applied stringent policy on illegal fishing, the foreign ships hid in new Guinea.

Susi claimed that the Ministry had succeeded in running the first phase of eradication of illegal fishing. Many achievements which she claimed was satisfactory and amazing. She said that six months after law enforcement, growth of fish industry was truly amazing. KKP data had it that in Q-1 2014 growth of the fishery sector was posted at 6% and in Q-1 of this year growth was 8.6%.

The growth figure of fishery sector was rated as having surpassed Indonesia’s economic growth which was only 4%, but the attainment was felt as unsatisfactory BPS released survey outcome of the total number of Indonesian fishermen dropped to 800,000 families.

Besides Susi also released there were 15 fish processing companies which were closed in 10 years of the same period, so she underscored that she would still prioritize eradication of illegal fishing for the for the struggle to fight illegal fishing was not over yet. “The fight must be exercised constantly and continuously toward self reliance in food” she concluded. (SS)

Business News - June 5, 2015

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