Wednesday, 19 August 2015


The Ministry of Tourism planned to step up quality of advertising promotion through convergent media including outdoor advertising, Social media and paid media especially electronic media. Outdoor advertising was billboard placed in public places like airports and street junctions. “We will lunch advertising campaign aggressively in paid media” the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya disclosed to Business News (1/6).

The Ministry of tourism had designated Batam island in the Province of Riau as prioritized tourism zone. The campaign goes under the tag line “Great Batam” of the same level as Great Jakarta and Great Bali. There were three regions expected to be money maker through incoming foreign tourists. Batam was prioritized considering its strategic location near Singapore. Each day expatriates from Singapore came to Batam to enjoy night life. “The Riau island is near Singapore”. The impact through social media is 30% and through paid media 40%.

The social media especially twitter the price was Rp. 25 million which was justifiable considering the followers which came to million. by the Ministry’s calculation one single twit as around Rp20 Rupiah. So the price was relatively cheap. Transaction price, according to the Ministry, must be calculated on the basis of impact. “The price is based on per view exposure.”

Besides, promotion was also through Google Search. The impact could be calculated through promotion of various tourists destinations as social media was at large, everyone were intensively using Trip Adviser in Google Search. The Singapore and Malaysia Tourism Board had used Trip Advisor Google sooner. “They placed advertisement in Google. The target audience could be led to thematic tourism, like snorkeling. Only snorkeling and Malaysia and Singapore appeared, because they paid.

The Ministry of Tourism would allocate fund e-advertising in Google Trip Advisor. Beside the matic tourism, some good hotels, restaurant and malls would be exposed in the Trip Adviser. As with Bali, some of the hotels in Bali from the Melati class to the exclusive class would be exposed in addition to temples, beaches and recreational spots. Media placement in Google cost USD 1,000 but we could drum up 4 million tourists. (SS)

Business News - June 5, 2015

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