Thursday, 17 October 2013


Indonesia’s tourism stood a good chance to grow in the future in line with the growing interest of Indonesian people to explore their own country and increasing appeal of Indonesia as tourist destination to foreigners. Naturally this opportunity must be grabbed by operators of the tourism industry  and one of the strategies was to promote marketing of the creative subsector. “Players of the tourism industry in Indonesia must be able to grab this opportunity whereby to strategically develop tourism” this was a statement made by Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar on Tuesday [17/9].

Sapta disclosed that the Creative Economy Subsector of the Ministry of Tourism was jacking up creative tourism to strengthen competitiveness of national tourism. He stressed that Creative Tourism was a new perspective which could be developed to support Indonesia’s tourism as the potential was great. Therefore promotion campaign of creative industry must be integral part of Indonesia’s promotion campaign.

Indonesia is a country rich in cultural heritage and full of cultural values to support regional tourism. The diversed culture and customs and colorful art and culinary experience was extraordinary attraction which were already marketed and there was yet more to explore.

The Indonesian tourism community was demanded to expose something that was marketable of their respective regions. Awareness of the people in the regions was a valuable moral asset whereby to develop tourism while the infra-structure must be built, including roads, art market and other facilities. No matter how heavy promotion campaign were launched, they would be fruitless if infra structure were poor. All parties expected to develop new perspectives on how to market Indonesian tourism which was rich in colorful culture.

Players of the tourism industry in Indonesia must be able to master digital based communication technology in marketing. Tourism operators must be active in branding products based on sound positioning and build on line information system globally depending on their target market. There would be three main topics to be highlighted, i.e., site strategy, social media strategy, and crisis management in tourism. “Creative tourism would be glorious with support of IT based marketing” he said.

Meanwhile BPS noted the number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia by July 2013 was 717.800 visits or down by 9.09% compared to previous month. However, the trend of incoming tourist in July 2013 rose by 2.37% against same month last year at 701.200 visits. Accumulatively since January-July 2013 the number of inbound tourists was posted at 4.87 million or increasing by 6,44% compared to visiting tourist of the same period the previous year numbering 4.58 million visits.

The Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali posted most tourist visit, i.e. 1.77 million people over the first seven month of 2013. In the second place was Sukarno Hatta airport in Jakarta. Last July down turn of the number or arriving passengers in Ngurah Rai airport Bali remained high, when in July the number of arriving tourists was posted to increase by 9.71% compared to July 2012 from 241,400 visits. Compared to June 2013, the number of foreign tourist arriving in Bali also increased by 8.09.

Business News - September 20, 2013

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