Thursday, 17 October 2013


Entrepreneurs requested foreign Non-Government Organization (HGO) not to spread rumors that disturb Indonesia’s exports. The disturbance done by foreign NGOs is especially concerning natural resource-based industries such as paper and crude palm oil (CPO). Even, these foreign NGOs aimed at undermining the Indonesian economy rather than providing constructive feedback.

Sofjan Wanandi, General Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), in Jakarta (Friday, September 13), called for the NGOs in the country not to ruin exports by giving statements that make Indonesia export commodities in the international market disrupted. He hoped that domestic NGOs not to disturb because Indonesia needs to boost exports. He also admitted that he frequently received complaints from the national entrepreneurs who experience decrease in exports, due to rumors spread by foreign NGOs. “We asked foreign NGOs to immediately stop doing this because black campaign is very disturbing to our exports”, he said.

Foreign NGOs negative campaign against Indonesian export products is very disturbing to the business community in the country. Moreover, they send a letter to overseas buyers not to buy Indonesian products, especially pulp & paper and palm oil, such as what is done by Greenpeace recently who sent a provocative letter to buyers.

What is fought and campaigned by foreign NGOs is not pure anymore because many of them have been exploited by international firms to attack Indonesia. Sofjan admitted that currently there are still matters that are related to the environment and forestry in Indonesia that must be addressed. There is no reason for Greenpeace or other foreign NGOs to constantly pressure the national forestry industry has been practicing environmental sustainability-based business.

Businessmen complained in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Minister of Trade, and the Minister of Finance about export activity. In the Forum for Improvement of Manufacturing Industry Exports, one of the obstacles to export is campaigns by NGOs. Black campaign must be fought. Entrepreneurs should unite under Indonesia Incorporated to fight against the black campaign. In addition to disturbances from NGOs, export activity is also constrained by illegal levies. “We are asking the help of the officers, including those in the regions, to facilitate, and not to collect illegal payment”, he said.

He invites the stakeholders, ranging from the business community, NGOs, society as well as the governments policy makers to jointly ward off foreign accusations. The reason is that foreigners are always accusing or launching black campaign against Indonesian industrial products exported to several countries which are considered not environmentally friendly.

As a result of the black campaign, Indonesian products, one of which is forestry products, are declined by export destination countries. The reason they do not want to accept Indonesian products is because they are not environmentally friendly. Related to that, Indonesia had to fix and maintain compactness so that such accusations can be resisted. The black campaign conducted by foreign parties has an impact on the declining value of national exports of industrial products. This is very detrimental to Indonesian industries, while other countries which do not have resources will benefit from this. 

Business News - September 18, 2013

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