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The exploding number of motor vehicles had created high demand for more roads in Indonesia. This means an opportunity to PT Jasa Marga Tbk [JSMR] as toll road builder to step up their performance. JSMR had been striving hard to increase their market share to hold the position as market leader in toll road business.

Today Jasa Marga commanded over 545 km of toll roads while company’s market share had come to 73%. Embarking on Semester II of 2013, building of nine toll road sections had been completed which means increased contribution of 40% or 215 km of roads of the total length of toll roads in Indonesia.

In case of toll road in Bali which was expected to be inaugurated by President SBY this September 2013, would be followed by Semarang-Bawean toll road in October 2013, and JORR W-2 in quarter I-2014; furthermore Gempol-Pasuruan in quarter III-2013, the rest would be Cengkareng-Kunciran, Kunciran-Serpong, and Surabaya-Modjokerto in 2015.

The connecting toll road would be Kebon-Jeruk-Cileduk Raya section. Of the projects underway, Jasa Marga disclosed there were three sections of additional toll roads; a crucial project because of the three projects: the Kebon Jeruk-Meruya section was still hindrance as land clearing was still not accomplished.

This was disclosed by President Director of Jasa Marga Adityawarman in Jakarta yesterday [2/9]. He said that to build 9 new toll roads section called for extremely high expense needed by company’e equity and consortium, the total need amounting to Rp 25 trillion.

The toll road construction underway were multi-year projects. This means that the fund for the projects underway was accumulated fund from the company’s pas equity. “Toll road building is not a one single year project, it is multi-years project because budget of the previous year is also used for this year. But we confirm that syndication of banks for the projects underway is already there” Adityawarman was quoted as saying.

About the toll road projects in Bali, particularly the Benoa-Ngurah rai-Nusa  Dua was the first toll road built on sea surface in Indonesia after the Suramadu toll bridge connecting Java and Madura being operated in June 2009 last. This new toll road built in early 2012 stretched over the Benoa gulf would be Bali’s new icon.

To Increase Toll Road Tariff

In this near future toward September 2013, JMSR planned to increase toll tariff by 10% or return investment. Previously Adityawarman once stated to increase toll tariff by 10%; the tariff increase applied to all sections expect Cikampek and Sudiatmo.

Some of Jasa Marga toll roads to have tariff increase, according to Adityawarman were the sections of: Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi, Jakarta-Tangerang, Jakarta Inner Toll Roads, Belawan-Medan-Tanjung Morawa, Palimanan-Kanci, Semarang Toll, Surabaya Gempol, Purwakarta-Bandung Cileunyi, and Jakarta Outer Ring Road [JORR]. The tariff increase as an option for return investment to cover toll building expenses. To support economic growth, infra structures like toll roads was needed.

Adityawarman said the plan to increase toll road tariff was not correlated with Minimum Service Standard [SPM] because whether toll tariff was increased or not SPM would still be fulfilled and improved. “Regularly every six months we are checking up all toll road sections” he said.

Adityawarman was expecting that all toll road users were using E toll card in paying instead of paying by cash. The number of E-toll card owners constituted only 9.14% of all toll road users. “our target is that 30% of toll road users would use that payment facility” he said.

The use of E-toll card could shorten the long queue line at toll gates; today the number of automatic Toll Gate had come to 50 while for E-toll pass there were 39 counters which were spread out I the sections of Cawang-Tomang-Cengkareng and JORR.

Meanwhile Jasa Marga Operation Director Hasannudin explained that increase of toll tariff would be effective by end of September, as stipulated by the Toll Road Management Board [BPJT], Ministry of Public Works. “We would strive hard to fulfill SPM as required” Hasan remarked

According to Hasan, although 14 sections of Jasa Marga toll road sections which were problematic. Some sections which were rated as not fulfilling SPM was the Jakarta Cikampek section where there were holes on the road surface.

Road maintance to meet SPM requirement according to Hasan would use financing from routine financing budget. the fund being prepared was Rp 350 billion. As with the percentage of toll tariff increase, so far the Ministry of Public Works was still waiting for inflation calculation by the Central Board of Statistics for the past 2 years. 

Meanwhile the toll road sections to have their tariff increased per September 2013 were as follow: Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi, Jakarta-Tangerang, Jakarta Inner Toll Road, JORR, Padalarang-Cileunyi, Semarang Section A,B, and C, Surabaya-Gempol, Palimanan-Plumbon-Kanci, Cikampek Purwakarta-Padalarang, Belawan-Medan-Tanjung Morawa, Serpong-Pondok Aren-Ulijami, Ujung Pandang phase I and II.

Business News - September 6, 2013

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