Sunday, 9 October 2011


Director General of Taxation Fuad Rahmany announced that the Government would launch tax census nationwide as per September 30, 2011. In that opportunity tax would visit 1.5 millions of tax subjects (WP) over a period of three months. “There are 1.5 million respondents set on target, it’s only a beginning” he said in Jakarta on Monday night (19/9).

In that three month period 1.5 million new taxpayers would serve as reference for the execution of further tax census in 2012 “This is our first experience. The first three months would serve as reference, the objective was extensification. We want to add more names to the list of taxpayers.” Fuad remarked.

For the execution of this tax census, the Directorate General of Taxation planned to recruit 3,000 honorarium works, but Fuad refused to mention the amount of fund allocated for the project.

Meanwhile the Minister of Finance Agus Martowaedojo said three zones which would be the target of tax census, namely high  rise buildings, commercial areas and settlements. “There would be 300 Tax Service Centers (KPP) who colabo rate with community authorities to run this tax census” Fuad concluded,

As planned, the tax census would last till end of 2012. This program was aimed at adding more taxpayers to the list through tax officials  would visit tax payers to plead them to comply to tax regulations.

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