Wednesday, 19 October 2011


The Minister of Transportation was rated as not being active in the commitment to maintain synergy with the business world as Government’s partner. Therefore businesspeople urged the Government to accommodate recommendation that implementation of policy on inspection agent as regulated agent (RA) did not disadvantage the business world. Supposedly the Ministry of Transportation were consistent in implementing meeting’s outcome with the business people held in the first week of September and promptly set up team of tariff formation of inspection agent. There had been no follow up of the meeting’s outcome. For that matter the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN expected that the Ministry of Transportation be consistent in implementing meeting’s outcome but so far there had been no respond from the Directorate General of Air Transportation.

According to KADIN up to Monday (26/9) the small team was not formed , and yet supposedly they should have worked since last week. But how could they work if the team was not even set up? The letter sent by KADIN was replied asking KADIN to give input. This meant that the Ministry was not consistent in evaluating execution of the inspection. He promised to make evaluation through the small team consisting of some related elements, but in reality it was not done.

In view of the condition KADIN was worried that execution of inspection on October 3, 2011 would turn out to be messy. Now execution of international cargo seemed not to run smoothly, because in a location as bonded warehouse SOP was non existent. Now delivery of domestic goods alone were 6 to 12 house late. What happened was: no deliveries in the morning, but in the afternoon or evening instead.

KADIN was expecting that formation of the non existing small team be immediately carried out so they could immediately start to work before time ran out as planned by end of September. The active approach made by KADIN was not responded. With the next overdue agency tariff of inspection agent for delivery of international cargo would be postponed as per October 3, 2011. Formerly KADIN had also asked the Ministry of Transportation that execution of regulated agent/inspection agent for international devery of goods and postal be suspended for 3 months as per October 3, 2011, although it was already recommended by Kadin about the regulated agent but they were ignored.

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