Sunday, 9 October 2011


The Ministry of Forestry proclaimed strategic objectives for 2010 – 2014 which incorporated 8 programs with 59 activities. The organizer had allocated fund of Rp 30 trillion for this program over the period of 5 years. This was disclosed by Chairman of Commission IV of House H.M. Romahurmuzy who held technical meeting with the Ministry of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan at the House of Representatives in Jakarta.

Fund allocation of the Ministry of Forestry for 5 years amounted to Rp 30,633,910,000,00 for 2010 allocated Rp 5,882,59 billion in 2011 the allocated fund was Rp 6,000,03 billion and in 2012 the fund allocated was around Rp 6,110,60 , the rest was allocated for the next 2 years. The increase of the next 2 years. The increase of fund was on the everage 0.02%, meaning extremely small when compared against inflation and it means increase of annual budget.

Meanwhile the Minister of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan set forth based on the principle of unity, integrity and sustainability forest development as regulated in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Forestry 2010 – 2014 was in principle still a continuation of the previous forest development plan. The policy of forest development priority for the future was specifically focused on conservation of forest, rehabilitation of forest and upgrading of rivers and river banks as water source (DAS), protection of forest, prevention of forest fires, conservation of bio-life, revitalization of forest utility and forestry industry and empowerment of communities around the forest.

In line with the stipulation of the Ministry of Finance on ceiling budget of ministries and institutions 2012, the Ministry of Forestry had ceiling budget of more than Rp 6 trillion which was generally aimed at attainment of target set and to solve problems related to economy and finance. The implementation would be carried out through 8 programs consisting of 4 technical forestry problems and 4 administrative problem with 59 activities.

Based on national policy and strategy of national development, the vision of forestry development in the Strategy Platform of the Ministry of Forestry 2010 – 2114 was “Forest conservation for people’s justice and well being.”       

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