Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Pirating of intellectual rights was at large in Indonesia and threatened states income. Loses due to pirating in the musical industry alone was numerous. Indeed pirating of creative work disheartening. The work pieces were openly o sale but strangely no action of any sort was taken by the authorities. For that matte all stockholder were called for to be concerned about this fraudulence.

The Ministry of Industry Saleh Husin stated in Jakarta on Tuesday (19/5) stated that the Government was committed to crackdown on pirating practice of intellectual rights especially in music. He said that creativity of local musicians were now globally acclaimed. Indonesian musicians had expanded to neighboring countries and the world, they managed to enliven the world.

Unfortunately, Saleh said, pirating practices were now at large to disadvantage creators. Income flowed in to the hijackers instead of the creators who deserved the credit. Besides, Saleh said, national musical industry had become the bread and butter to the recoding industry and thousands of musicians. “We have our commitment to crackdown or pirates, the creators are disadvantage and so is the state” Saleh said.

Saleh underscored that pirating practices must be eradicated to promote the local music industry which struggling t develop. The music industry was supposed t develop for the benefit of the creators, determination was needed to crush privacy.

Previously President Joko Widodo also ordered the Police to arrest the criminals and close their illegal business to the musical industry could grow will and healthy. President Jokowi said that hijacking was stubborn and so crackdown must be continual.

Meanwhile the Association of Indonesian Volunteers and Anti Hi-jacking Activist demanded the Government to be serious about taking action on hijackers. Anton M.P, Coordinator of the Association stated that pirating had caused loss on the state’s economy to the amount of hundreds of trillions of Rupiah each year. According to Anton the money which should have been received by the state were robbed by the pirates for their own interest.

He disclosed that act of pirating was regulated in the new Law on Intellectual Rights i.e. Law No. 28/2014. The Regulation explained that buyers and sellers of pirated products who deliberately procured pirating facilities were subject to law enforcement. i.e. fine of Rp.5 billion or 10 years of imprisonment.

Hence Anton demanded Government’s serious attention with support of musicians and actors who took the initiative to form an ad-hoc body under the Jokowi Government. The objective was to protect creative work pieces and basic human rights of all citizens. He was highly expectant the Government could build people’s good moral in the spirit of mental revolution toward a just Indonesia without Piracy. (SS)

Business New - May 22, 2015

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