Monday, 8 June 2015


National economic growth in Q-1 2015 was posting slowdown. The Central Board of Statistics reported that based on constant Index 2010 economic growth of Q 1.2015 only came to 4,71%. Over the same period last year economic growth last year was posted at 5,14% (constant 2010) or 5,21% (constants 2000).

Head of BPS Suryamin disclosed in Jakarta on Tuesday (5/5) that economic slowdown was caused by 3 factors. Firstly economic slowdown of 2 Indonesia’s trade partners, i.e. China and Singapore. As known, China’s growth rate was corrected from 7.4% to 7% while Singapore’s growth rate was axed from 4.9% to 2,9%. Other reasons was low oil price. Oil export performance also dropped against Q 1/2014/ the three factors had its effect on Indonesia’s economic performance in Q-1 2015.

Economic growth of Q 1.201 to 2015 tend to drop. Economic growth of Q 1/2011 was 6.48% against the year before (constant 2000) while quarterly economic growth since 2011–2015 followed the same pattern except Q 1 2015. Compared to Q 4 2014 economic growth in Q 1/2015 was minus 0,18%.

According to Suryamin, it was due to change in planting time so it drifted to Q 1/2015. Of 17 sectors observed, 3 sectors posting highest growth (y o y) were information and communication (10.53%), other services (8%) and financial & insurance services (7.75%). By quarterly the three sectors posting highest growth was agriculture, forestry, fishery (14.63%) information and communication (3.06%) and company services (2,24%).

Indonesia’s total GDP in Q 1 2015 Rp.2,724.7 trillion based on applicable AHDB price, while GDP based on constant price was 2010 was Rp.2,157,5 trillion. (SS)

Business New - May 8, 2015

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