Sunday, 30 November 2014


To prevent unregistered Taxpayers Number, the Director General of Tax, Ministry of Finance was engaged in collaboration with the Dir Gen Administration of Common Law [AHU], Ministry of Law and Human Rights to examine Taxpayers Number [NPWP] of companies. “Together we are making re-registration and validation of all data. There would be no unregistered NPWP.”

Collaboration between the Tax Dept and AHU integrate data of foundations, organizations, companies which were unregistered and Invalid. All data would be based on on-line system.

Fuad stated that the process of validation might take a long time until there was certain data of taxpayers. “We might need a few years. We will check them all” Fu ad Said.

If during checking up an unregistered NPWP was detected, there would be sanction, starting from the lightest like notification and the most severe: cancellation of business permit. “If the taxpayer turned stubborn, we will cancel their business permit.” Fu ad Said.

The process of NPWP screening begins with signing of collaboration agreement with the Dir Gen AHU of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The first step would by data synchronization by on line. According to Fuad the plan had been planned long ago but only now being realized due to many considerations.

In this regards, the Dir. Gen. of Taxation had asked AHU to synchronize data of taxpayers and their obedient level. It was known that tax subjects, personal or institutional, were not obedient in fulfilling their duties to pay tax. Admittedly the data owned by the institutions were far from perfect and such was the reason tax target was missed.

So far income from tax came to Rp. 1,000 trillion. To combine with cigarette tax the total was Rp. 1,200 trillion. Of 28 million tax subjects, only 10 million had fulfilled their obligation. The number personal tax subjects were even more astronomic, nearly 40 million detected. Of 60 million potential personal tax subjects, only around 23 million fulfilled their duties.

Meanwhile the Dir Gen of AHU Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Hakistuti Harkisnowo stated that the joint agreement with the Dir Gen of Taxation would never stop fraudulence in the taxation sector. For that matter he would strengthen defenses on the IT side to protect data from hackers. “I hope it is a beginning to improve service to the public and minimize fraudulence among tax avoiders. It is not an easy task, I am really dipendening on our IT expert friends” Harkristuti said. (SS)

Business News - October 17, 2014

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