Sunday, 30 November 2014


PGN FSRU Lampung would in the near future resive additional supply of LNG in 2 cargo delivery from Tangguh LNG plant Papua. The cargo which entered PGN FRSU Lampung on October 26 2014 was the second and third cargo which entered Lampung after delivery in July 2014 when in July 2014 PN FRSU Lampung received the first delivery.

The second shipment would be done in October 2014. The trime needed for shipment was around 1 week so it was due to arrive in Lampung on October 26 2014. The third cargo would enter PGN FSRU Lampung on November 22, 2014. “Now there is only finalization of administrational procedure of the delivery” President of PGN LNG Indonesia Nisi Setyobudi stated in Jakarta on October 14 2014.

Nisi expected that after the second and third delivery of LNG cargo it would be followed by 4th delivery. “We expect that the fourth shipment would be exercised by end of December 2014 so PGN FSRU Lampung could accommodate 4 shipments” Nisi concluded.

Upon arrival in Lampung, Liquid natural Gas [LNG] would undergo loading and unloading from LNG carrier to FSRU Lampung. In the further process to be distributed to customers. Buyers of gas from FSRU Lampung were among others PLN.

Floating Storage and Regasification Unit [FSRU] was a floating vessel which was equipped with facilities to store LNG to undergo regasification process. PGN FSRU Lampung had the power to regasificate maximum of 240 MMSCFD per day, PT Perusahaan Negara [Persero] Tbk or PGN hired the Lampung FSRU from PT Hoegh LNG Lampung. (SS)

Business News - October 17, 2014

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