Thursday, 6 November 2014


The Association of Indonesia Tender saw imbalance in the application of link-and-match and supply-demand in human resources development for the labor market. Graduates of Vacational High School in Indonesia tend to choose subjects related to economy incluring Financial Engineering. Their interest in Physics and Engineering Technology was declining, the condition was different from that in China.

Many tertiary students in China studies physics and technology in well known universities in the USA. “In Indonesia, subjects related to financial engineering are more favored. The result is that national petro-chemical industry become less competitive. In our commonplace Industry line like textile, plastic industry etc petrochemical experts are needed,” Tito Loho, Executive Director of the Indonesia Tender Association disclosed to Business News [26/9].

Scarcity of skilled expert did not match with demand for experts in the industry. University graduates, especially of technology branch rush to seek for a job abroad. Oil drilling projects in Uni Arab Emirates employees skilled engineers from Indonesia. But it was also possible that Indonesian workers were only employed as blue collar workers. The professions were not relevant to tertiary knowledge”

Graduates in engineering technology, especially chemistry were determinant factor in national petrochemical industry. The related professions were not only petrochemicals but also oil drilling, textile etc. “We must think hard to step up capacity of petrochemicals. Today the industry was booming but not being supported by competent workers. Petro chemicals synthetic gas could also enhance national down streaming program,”

Meanwhile Business News managed to make a portrait of small business [UKM] and all of their problem afield. One of them was Nurul, a rattan crafter from Cirebon. She ‘inherited’ the occupation from her parents. He had been helping her father for 3 years which was willed to her father by her grand father. She was not promoted from a beginner to crafter. “If I am hardworking I can be promoted in a month” Nurul disclosed to Business News [26/9].

The profession of a rattan craftsman has its by professions like service or repair like connecting busted parts or replaceing damaged parts. Small rattan crafters and rattan products traders in Grogol, West Jakarta were different from big workshop. The rattan crafters in Grogol were only producers, they don’t render customized service or make taiklir made rattan products.” Even if there were orders we don’t produce the decorative parts.”
Apparently many rattan workshops managed to make innovative rattan products, such as goodie bag with Mickey Mouse design. Also their was baby box made sweeter with pastel button, rubber or cotton. Cartoon characters could be attractive to children. Sales strategy had also internet like on line shopping as medium.

Nurul admitted she never imagined that far. She could also could not comprehend the creative economy concept proclaimed by the next Government. “I am only a high school graduated, I could not afford to go to college.”

She admitted that the constantly strived to learn to become a crafter. She claimed that the process of making products from raw materials to become items of sales value depended on hard effort. Someone like Nurul had been advantaged by the environment the rattan craft industry. “the village of Pleret, Tegal Wangi was full of rattan furniture shops. Cirebon was once glorious as export center of rattan furniture shops. Cirebon was once glorious as export center of rattan goods for export to America and Japan.”

Most of the rattan craft products from Cirebon were hand made products. In the process of making furniture rattan be bended or straightened to match the design.

Nurul said that with strong will I power, in just one short month a beginner could command over the technique of making products. They made more than just rattan chairs or baskets, but also baby boxes, hula hoops, lamp caps, partitions etc. there are numerous products, but the best selling are baskets, and the least were lazy chairs and partitions.” (SS)

Business New - October 1, 2014

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