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Report of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy 2013 posted significant increase in tourist expenditure in Indonesia. In 2013, 8.6 million foreign tourists coming to Indonesia contributed forex of USD 9.8 billion or around Rp 119.8 trillion, meaning an increase against income of 2012 at USD 9.1 billion or around Rp 110.8 trillion.

Forex income from tourism was most meaningful to state’s income amidst declining income from export due to sluggish global economy. Meanwhile, in 2013 expenditures by domestic tourists came to Rp66.5 trillion, or an increase of 9.2% against that of 2012 at only Rp60.9 trillion. Income from international and domestic tourists brought positive impact on economic growth of the real sector in tourism centers like hotel accommodation, transportation service, handicrafts making, souvenirs, entertainment etc as the fund was directly flowing in to the people.

Data of BPS obtained on Monday [13/1] mentioned that room occupancy at starred hotels on November 2013 in 23 provinces in Indonesia came to 56.10% on the average or up by 0.91 points against that of November 2012 at 55.19%. Meanwhile room occupancy of hotels in October 2013 was posted at 54.23%, in November 2013 increase was 1.87%.

In November 2013 highest room occupancy pas posted in the Province of North Sulawesi 96.78%, followed by Central Sulawesi 69.34% and East Kalimantan 66.48%; while the lowest was in North Sumatra posted at 44.08%.

Increase of room occupancy [RO] in November 2013 against November 2012 was in some provinces, with highest increase in the province of North Sulawesi 20.13 point, followed by West Nusa Tenggara 13.43 point, and the South Kalimantan Province 10.56 points. Meanwhile against October 2013, increase or hotel’s RO in November 2013 was in most provinces, the highest increase in the Province of Bali 0.37 points.

By hotels classification, the highest RO in starred hotels by November 2013 was posted in 5-star hotels 60.71%. Meanwhile the lowest was in 1-star hotels at 48.20%.

Length of stay

Length of stay [LS] of foreign tourists in starred hotels in Indonesia through November 2013 in 23 provinces came to 1.86 days with posted downturn of 0.04 points against average LS in November 2012. Meanwhile compared to average LS in October 2013 there was downturn of 0.05 days. Generally speaking the average LS of foreign tourists in November 2013 was higher than average LS of tourists coming to Indonesia by 2.66 days and 1.70 days respectively.

The breakdown by province the average length of stay in Indonesia was the highest in the province of Bali 3.12 days, followed by NTB 2.58 days and East Kalimantan 2.57 days. The lowest LS of visitors was West Java 1.46 days. In terms of foreign tourists, the average LS was : in the province of West Kalimantan 4.46 days. The shortest LS was in the province of West Java 1.62 days. As with visitors to Indonesia, the highest LS in Bali 2.65 days, the shortest in West Java 1.40 days. (SS)   

Business News - January 17, 2014

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