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13 oil gas projects were scheduled to start production capacity of all the projects was 954 million cubic feet per day [mmfcfd] or 194,121 barrels of oil day. The Oil-gas Upstream Activity Execution special task force SKK Migas] had their commitment to accomplish the project on time.

“If there is any project behind schedule they would affect the volume of lifting of oil-gas this year,” Head of SKK Migas Public Relations Dept Elan Biantoro disclosed in Jakarta on Sunday [5/1].

Some projects to start production were among others: Sisi Nubi 2B , Block Nahakan with Total E&P Indonesia which was targeted to produce 350 mmfd in quarter 1 2014. Furthermore development of Senoro gas with operator JOB Pertamina-Medco Tomori Sulawesi was planned to start o produce 8 mmscfd and 250 barrel of oil per day in quarter 3.

Three projects which were targeted to start production in 2013 last would start production in quarter 1/2024. The three projects were: Ridho field run by contractor Odira Energy Karang Agung producing 1,200 barrel of oil per day. The Gundih which was developed by Pertamina EP produced 50 mmcfd and 600 barrels of oil per day, and Bayan A project with contractor Manhattan Kalimantan Investment produced 50 mmscfd and 250 barrels of oil per day.

Elan disclosed that there were 3 projects having full attention of SKK Migas in regard to the high production output and challenges faced. The first one was Bukit Tua field, Block Ketapang 2 with Petronas Carigali acting as contractor. The project was projected to produce 70 mmscfd and 20,000 barrels of oil per day in quarter 4 of 2014. One thing to be observed was the process of negotiation of gas price and change of candidate buyer. Besides this project was based on upstream and downstream scenario so there were some strategic policy beyond the authority of SKK Migas.

The same was happening in Muriah field, block Kepondang also operate by Petronas. This project producing 116 mmcfd depended on the completion of gas pipelining project at the downstream “Construction on the upstream facilities would be ready by October 2014,” Elan remarked.

The last project was the Banyu Urip Field, Block Cepu run by contractor Mobil Cepu Ltd [MCL]. This strategic project was scheduled to produce in quarter 4 2014 with peak production of 165,000 barrels per day. Some challenges to face was social economic problem and lateness in engineering, procuring, and construction of facilities. “The projects must be intensively safeguarded to keep on schedule” Elan concluded.

The effort to ensure that this oil–gas project would produce on time was among others supervision and control through monthly meeting for monitoring and three monthly meeting with all related parties, including visit to the fields. (SS)  

Business News - January 10, 2014  

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