Sunday, 26 January 2014


Many factors caused logistics cost borne by companies to be high today. One of the underlying factors was inadequate infra-structure which was not supportive to logistics process from harbor to delivery. For that matter the Government was resolved to reform the harbor sector as an effort to enhance efficiency.

The Director General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Bobby R. Mamahit stated in Jakarta on Monday [13/1] that the Government planned to reform harbor’s infra structure this year. The Government planned to apply single window procedure in the management of freight documents and loading and unloading process to be carried out by on line.

Bobby said that the Government would increase the number of harbor doors to speed up traffic of goods so there should be no queue at the harbor. Besides, harbor management, especially in terms of increasing harbor’s capacity to support logistics would be improved. For that matter, the Ministry of Communication had allocated budget of Rp6 trillion for building of harbor infra-structure. Bobby stated that the budget would be spent on completing, continuing and building new harbors which were strategic for passengers or logistics.

Beside the above measures, in the effort to reform harbor as a whole, Bobby said, today the Ministry of Transportation was concentrating effort on detecting suspects who made illegal collection especially in Tanjung Priok operational area Jakarta. Bobby said that he had commanded the Sea on Coastland Security Force [KPLP] to crackdown on any person who picked up illegal collection.

However did not state the deadline for the investigation process which disadvantaged the harbor consumers. According to Bobby, so far he was still at the stage of investigation. Furthermore he confirmed that there was nothing new about illegal collection. Although this was to set up a one-stop service to prevent face-to-face contact between officials and consumers.

Meanwhile General Manager of Pelindo II Tanjung Priok Ari Heryanto said that the Tanjung Priok was enhancing efficiency at al levels of harbor service by applying IT which was integrated with all related institutions to step up efficiency toward the AEC in 2015. By 2014 all activities in harbor service system would be IT based and ready to meet customers’ need.

The IT service system included also single billing system for all types of sea freight service and loading-unloading of goods as well as containers in terminal 1, 2 and 3 conventional or multi-purpose harbor at Tanjung Priok. Ari was expecting that all logistics operators including exporters and importers at Tanjung Priok harbor would support the IT-integrated efficiency ehanchment plan.

Ari had met several times with stakeholders at Tanjung Priok harbor, today there was even port community in which there was even port community in which there was also businesspeople who would give their input for harbor development at Tanjung Priok harbor. He also disclosed land management program to increase storage capacity of stacked goods and containers at the harbor. (SS)   

Business News - January 17, 2014

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