Thursday, 9 January 2014


Parliament Plenary Meeting had agreed to pass Industrial Bill as law. This law was Government’s initiative which would soon serve as reference in building national industry which was independent and competitive. The Industrial Law was designed to empower small and medium industry would be given full attention in the form of facilities, incentive, and convenience. Public Relations Dept. of House announced on Monday [23/12].

This Government proposed Bill consisted of 17 chapters and 125 articles. This Bill was designed to build national industry as pillar and propeller of national economy. In this Bill, the national industry was expected to be independent, competitive, secured in business and environment orientated. Not less important was that soon when this Bill was passed, a National Industry Committee would be set up and be legalized. The National Industry Committee was needed to coordinate industrial development whereby to synergize.

It was expected that the industrial law would serve as sound legal foundation which would give legal assurance to industry management at home. Besides, the Law on Industry was expected to enhance growth of Indonesia’s industry to be independent, progressive and competitive.

Member of House Sadarestuwati urged the Government to synchronize the new Industrial Law with the law of Cultural Conservation, whereby the nation’s traces of history would not vanish in the air. An example was Triwulan in Modjokerto where a steel plant was going to be built which would damage the cultural conservation. Therefore the Government was asked to designate Triwulan as culture conservation.

As known the Regent of Mojokerto, East Java Mustofa Kamal Pasha stressed he would not withdraw permit to PT Manunggal Sentra Baja to build a steel factory in an area where once stood the Majapahit empire in the District of Triwulan, Mojokerto. The reason was that the Regent was absolutely sure there was no archeological remains in that site. The Mojokerto local Government had only issued building permit [IMB] for PT Manunggal steel factory in Triwulan, but in case of protection against disturbances [hinder Ordinantie] no permit if any sort had been issued by the Regent of Mojokerto. Besides, the local Government could not force PT Manunggal to relocate the factory to another place, since Triwulan was not designated as cultural conservation center. Moreover the Directorate General of Culture had already made excavations around the factory site, but there was no archeological remain found. Building of steel factory in Triwulan was widely criticized as it was rated as destructive to the remains of Majapahit Kingdom. Although building permit was nort withdrawn, PT Manunggal took the initiative to temporarily stop building process of the factory.

Business News - December 30, 2013 

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