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In the midst of the global market which is still volatile, there are not many companies on the stock exchange who took corporate action such as issuing debt securities (bonds). This is a great project to welcome the year 2014.

Maybe because it has received input and consideration from the underwriters, finally PT CITRA Marga Nusaphala Persada Tbk (CMNP) intends to take corporate action in the form of bond issuance worth at least Rp 2 trillion in March 2014. Proceeds of the sustainable public offering (PUB) will later be used to finance business expansion of this construction company next year.

Finance Director of CMNP, Indrawan Sumantri, said that the implementation of PUB, the Company will appoint 4 underwriters. The four securities companies are Ciptadana Securities, Indo Premier Securities, Trimegah, and Sucorinvest Central Gani.

The company will issue two types of bonds, namely conventional bonds and sharia bonds (sukuk). The portion is probably equal. The tenor of the bond is five years. “Its value is greater than the initial plan,” said Indrawan in his office on Monday (December 9).

Previously, this flyover construction company plans to issue bonds worth Rp1.2 trillion. However, the plan was never realized because it did not obtain shareholder approval. The bonds will be issued in two types, namely conventional bonds and sharia bonds (sukuk) with a portion of 50% conventional bonds and 50% sharia bonds.

The Company plans to issue sharia bonds. According to CMNP, securities which are more attractive are sharia bonds. Proceeds of the bond issuance will be used for the company’s expansion next year that reached Rp2.26 trillion, where the company is preparing an investment of nearly three times larger than this year.

The projects that will be worked on include the Jakarta Intra Urban Toll Road (JIUT) and Depok-Antasari toll road as well as Serpong – Balaraja toll road. For the Jakarta Intra Urban Toll Road (JIUT) project, the company allocated around Rp1.5 trillion next year. CMNP intended to widen the bottleneck on this road.

Total fund needed reached Rp3.6 trillion. Construction is estimated to complete in 2016. Currently, CMNP is awaiting a permit from the government for the construction. “If the permit can be issued this month, in May next year we will have started construction work,” said Indrawan.

The next project is Depok-Antasari toll road. The company is working on land acquisition up to 60% this year. Thus, in the first quarter of 2014, the company was able to begin construction. CMNP controls toll roads of 21.5 kilometers (km) length through PT Citra Wasphutowa (CW). While, the funds, which will be allocated to the subsidiary company, including the CW, reaches Rp613.4 billion.

Then, around Rp120 billion will be prepared for affiliate loan, especially for PT Citra MArgatama Surabaya (CMS). According to Indrawan, a subsidiary which has a concession for Waru-Juanda toll road cannot be used to finance the operations of CMS,” said Indrawan.

The reason, he added, that creditors requested that CMS operating revenues be used to accelerate debt payments. Thus, CMS, where 94.7% of its share are owned by CMNP still require fund injection from the company. Another project which is being targeted is the Serpong-Balaraja toll road. CMNP has passed the pre-qualification stage for the toll road with 36.3 kilometers (km) length. If it wins the bid, then, the company has set aside around Rp 1 trillion for the first year. The funds will be taken from the company’s internal cash.

On the many expansions next year, Indrawan continued, one of the options taken is issuing bonds. Indrawan believed that the bond rating will be positive. So, the bond interest will not overburden the company. CMNP had been rated single A minus (A-) for two times by Pefindo (PT Rating Agency of Indonesia).

The Company will use the September 2013 audited financial statements. The company will conduct a mini expose to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). After that, it will submit  an application for the issuance of bonds to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). “Not later than March 2013 we heve been able to issue bonds of the first phase”, said Indrawan.

Meanwhile, result of a feasibility study in detail conducted by CMNP showed that they canceled the plan to develop new business in the field of mining infrastructure because the transaction in this industry is considered increasingly sluggish. The management decided to pull up on the business plan. Indrawan acknowledged that the project is actually very good, but the community does not support it at this time, the price of coal continues to decline.

CMNP management projected a net profit of Rp358,752 billion in 2014. The target is less than the 2013 profit forecast at Rp404.30 billion. Revenue is potential to reach Rp1.50 trillion, up from the Rp1.05 trillion based on 2013 forecast. This is an official statement of the company.

Operating expense is estimated at Rp650.11 billion and operating profit at Rp851.44 billion. While, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in 2014 is estimated at Rp756.21 billion compared to 2013 EBITDA estimates at Rp615.25 billion. The company, in 2014, set capital expenditure budget at Rp2.17 trillion, far exceeding the capital expenditure of this year at Rp877.39 billion. The company’s performance up to June 2013 reached Rp472.35 billion revenue, with net profit at Rp204.46 billion. 

Business News - December 11, 2013

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