Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Commission XI of Househad approved Bank Indonesia’s Annual Budget 2014 in accordance with report of Commission XI. Chairman of Commission VI of House, Olly Dondokambey said, the ratification Annual Budget 2014 was expected to inject positive stimulus to BI’s performance in stabilizing national economy through monetary policy. The approval was conclusion of technical meeting between Commission XI of House with Governor of BI Agus Matrowardojo and his management team in Parliament Building.

The Working Committee XI of House reported that by 2014 operational budget income of Bank Indonesia was allocated at Rp12.6 trillion, or down by 24.6% against 2013 at Rp16.7 trillion. Meanwhile operational budget expenditure rose to Rp4.8 trillion in 2014, an increase of 23.55 percent against 2013 at Rp3.8 trillion.

The breakdown of BI’s operational income was: income from forex asset management Rp12 trillion, invoice of BI’s ex-liquidation credit was Rp24 billion, and Rp200 billion from administration income. The breakdown of Logistics Expenditure Rp 668 billion, expenditure for operational budget for supporting activities Rp452 billion, Social Program Expenditure Fund and empowerment of the real sector Rp154 billion; budget for tax expenditure consisting of tax Rp591 billion and Reserve Budget Rp140 billion.

Commission XI of House approved management expenses for 1,159 BI employees assigned to the Monetary Service Authority with budget amounting to Rp737 billion. They also approved budget for recruitment of 989 new BI employees in 2014 with fund amounting to Rp198 billion. In addition to that Commission XI of House had also decided to approve ATBI which included main performance indicator [IKU] financing and operations including IKU of the Board of Governors.

Business News - December 11, 2013

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