Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Deputy Chairman of Commission V of house Muhidin Muhammad Said observed development of international harbor at Tanjung Berakit, Bintan. The APBN budget allocated for the project was quite sizable but the harbor which should have been finished and operate in 2013 was not completed.

The same was with excavation of alur Berakit, it was still not completed so far. This year the Central Government planned to inject tens of billions of fund for deepening of the harbor waters of Tanjung Berakit. This was the information released by the Public Relations Dept of House on Monday [2/12].

According to Muhidin, the International Harbor of Tanjung Berakit, Bintn, which connected Malaysia and Singapore should be operating in this year 2013. However there was financial problem at the Central Government who was having austerity plan so fund was not liquidated by the Ministry of Finance and the project had to be temporarily suspended.

It was expected that by 2014, the Tanjung Berakit Harbor of Bintan would be put in operation and be benefited by foreign visitors. About the sea bottom excavation, Muhidin said that Commission V of House would allocate around Rp 34 billion of fund for the project. Commission V of House also guaranteed that the harbor would be in operation before 2015.

If the Tanjung Berakit Harbor, Bintan was in operation it would have a positive impact on trading and tourism. The Commission VI of House as legislative body had the mission to support the Government as executive to bring the harbor to life.

The Regent of Bintan, Ansar Ahmad was expecting the Tanjung Berakit Harbor to operate soonest. This harbor was one of the medium to promote trading and tourist inflow to Bintan. The same expectation was once asked by an investors from Russia on the operation of this international harbor.

Building of National Road.

Muhidin Muhammad Said said, the development of national road at Bintan was almost completed. The building of national road was one of the projects financed by the Central Government. Commission V of House would continue to push the Government to build national strategic roads whereby to promote trade and tourism in the regions. By 2014 all the national roads in Banten would be completed.

Meanwhile the Regent of Bintan Ansar Ahmad would continue to consult Commission V of House and related ministries about continuity of road, harbors and other infra structure for development and progress of the Bintan Regency. Bintan was a place for future investment, which was why development of rural roads were supported by Commission V of House. The Commission V team of House had observed directly road construction in some locations in Bintan, although the status was not State Roads, but roads built to promote tourism. Today the regency of Bintan had prepared Detailed Engineering Design [DEED] for West by-pass road of Bintan to make access easier. 

Business News - December 6, 2013

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