Sunday, 3 June 2012


             Plasma Farmers of PT Indisawit Subur domiciled at Buaran Riau were recently certified by the Round Table Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). With the entry of PT Indosawit plasma famers, there was production increase of 54, 282 tons of “Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) by Indonesian plasma farmers. “Meaning most of the CSPO produced by plasma farmers were most Indonesia” Desy Kusuma Dewi, RSPO Representative in Indonesia was quoted as saying.

            According to the Secretary General of RSPO Darnel Webber today Indonesia was at highest point in the process of change toward sustainability. “Indonesia is more than just in the position of number one CSPO producer, but also thumbs up for Indonesian plasma farmers for their strong support to CSPO project. We feel sure that the positive development could drum up more small holders to practice sustainability as well as to open access to farmers to enter the new market of sustainable and certified CPO”.

            RSPO Advisor Prof Bungaran Saragih expressed his satisfaction about the achievement of Indonesian plasma farmers “Achievement of plasma farmers was prove that Indonesia was on the right track in the process of transformation toward sustainability. In 2011, 38% of total CPO products in Indonesia or 8,627,883 metric tons were produced by smallholders. Apparently plasma farmers and self-supporting farmers must be involved in the effort to transform palm oil market into sustainable market.” Bungaran was quoted as saying.

            This was attainable thanks to support of stakeholders such as owner of palm processor factories, the Government, and also the CPO market itself. The palm growers had made their commitment to change, but still all parties were called for to support.

            “Based on the Principle & Criteria (P&C) of RSPO we underscore once more the standard of sustainability for small holders for plasma farmers and self-supporting farmers. Recent survey run by WWF recently disclosed that RSPO had brought great economic benefits to palm oil business so it is most important for farmers to undergo the certification process” Bungaran remarked.

            According to Desy, RSPO realized that palm growers tend to stay behind schedule against big players in the pursuit of sustainability. However the issue remained to be focused as important point in realizing RSPO. Evidently in 2010 RSPO announced first palm farmers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea had been RSPO awarded. Today RSPO even recorded more Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) produced by plasma farmers. 

Business News, May 9, 2012

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