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             Forestry Minister, Zulkifli Hasan, claimed that deforestation or forest damage rate decreases drastically since the establishment of United Indonesia Cabinet II and after the application of moratorium on license for exploitation of primary forest and peatland that has been going on for a year.

            Deforestation rate which in 1996-2003 reaches 3.5 million hectares per year drops sharply to 450,00 hectares in 2009-2011. It means that logging moratorium has yielded a result and is proven affective in reducing forest damage, he said.

            He recorded that deforestation rate during the New Order administration in 1980-1996 reaches 2 million hectares. And, in 1996-2003 it increases sharply to 3.5 million hectares per year, decreases again in 2006-2010 to 80,000 hectares per year and to 450,000 hectares in 2010-2012.

            According to Minister, the moratorium did not hamper investment in forestry sector, especially development of Industrial Forest (HTI) or non-forestry activity especially plantation.

            Concerning moratorium as governed by Presidential Instruction No. 10/2011, he said that the government has issued an Indicative Map of Moratorium on New Permit Issuance (PIPIB) which becomes the latest data of the PIPIB stipulating that size of forest area under moratorium is 65,282,006 hectares.

Forestry Ministry Corrects indicative Map on Moratorium.

            Jakata (ANTARA News) Forestry Ministry  corrects size of forest are imposed with moratorium in second revision of the indicative map to 65,282,006 hectares or different from the previous version issued by the Presidential Work Unit for Development Supervision and Control (UKP4) at 65,753,810 hectares.

            Size of are second revision of moratorium on new permit issuance becomes 65,282,006 hectares or 92,245 hectares less than the first revision in November last year at 65,374,251 hectares, said the Minister in a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (May 24).

            According to him, size of forest at are under the second revision of the Forestry Ministry version is obtained because of reduction of forest size at 125,961 hectares and addition of size of concession peatland area Rawa Tripa in Aceh at 33,716 hectares.

            In the implementation of revision of PIPIB, the Forestry Ministry gets many latest reports and field surveys and inputs from various public reports.
            We conducted a peatland survey, confirmation from the regents and holders of location permit, result of primary forest survey, data on forest area release, and updating of land piece at the recommendation of the National Land Agency (BPN), said the Minister.

            The Director General of Planology of the Forestry Ministry, Bambang Soepijanto, said that difference in size of the indicative map of Forestry Ministry version and the one of UKP4 version is in data calculation. UKP4 still includes size of are 463,962 hectares that have been released by the Forestry Ministry so there is a difference in data?, he said.

            Formerly, UKP4 releases size of second revision of indicative map to increase by 379,000 hectares to 65,753,810 hectares.

            The indicative map of moratorium on forest concession is revised once in every six months to increase accuracy of data on size of forest area based on addition and reduction of area covered in the moratorium.   

Business News - June 1, 2012  

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