Friday, 16 January 2015


The Ministry of Trade again underscored their plan to inspect trading regularly, by team or by crash program. In case of horticulture products, the rule referred to the Law in the domain of the Ministry of Agriculture but the execution afield was related to Law of the Ministry of Trade no 7 – 2014. “Because the Government Regulation is still being fine tuned while the Law is already effective and would be completed in 2 years, including the distribution side.” The Dir. Gen. of SPK Widodo disclosed to Business News [2/12].

In case of chilli management, the Ministry of Trade collaborated with trading offices at provincial level. In applying Standard Operating Procedure the Trade Offices were on the frontier line to collect data on price fluctuation. Horticulture products were sensitive to foul weather, heavy rain would reduce harvest and the fruit would rot easily. On the other hand the Indonesian people were addicted to chilli so demand for chilli remained high. The condition was every similar to red onion.

On the other hand, the Minister kept enhancing consumption of domestic products. The intelligent Consumer Campaign was related to the Inspection Plan. They were different but inter-complementary. “We ask very Governor just to focus attention on the products being inspected. They must participate in analyzing process, the correlation with supply and demand.”

“We learned from a case of inspection at Pekanbaru, Riau last November where illegally distributed products were found, i.e.

At Tuanku Tembuai street the TPBB Team detected 88 polytanks of various sizes [500 litres, 1,000 litres, 2,000 litres, 3000-5000 litres containing products not SNI certified. There was also 8450 low quality LHE lamps without label in Bahasa Indonesia.

At H Imam Munandar Street the inspection team had detected 9,550 LHE lamp which were not SNI certified or without labeling in Indonesian language. In the two detections lab test on product sample had been exercised to check whether product specification was in accordance with SNI. Coordination between TPBB and Barantan and the Quarantine Center of Pekanbaru and Tax Dept was exercised to detect smuggling of 4,050 bags [40 tons] of red onions suspected to originate from Malaysia by Rompang Yan ship. “The red union had been submitted to the Pekanbaru Quarantine Board by the Tax Dept and the crew arrested.”

Baratan was taking action based on Law no 16 1992 on Animal, Fish and Plantation Quarantine as implementation of Law no 23/2014. Based on meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the duty and authority of the Central and Local Government in Law no 23/2014 BPSK was under the authority of the Central Government, inspection of goods was under the Central and Provincial Governments. Delegation of meteorologal affairs was at regency or city level. Distribution of Authority was based on appendix to Law no 213/2014. “The cases of SNI and labeling were all in Riau. Yesterday 40 tons of red onions had been confiscated in Bengkalis. Chilli was already submitted to the Quarantine Center in Bengkalis and 7 of the crew were arrested.” (SS)

Business News - December 5, 2014

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