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In November 2014, the agricultural sector is the largest contributor to the change in Wholesale Price Index (WPI), which is 0.88%. Mining and quarrying accounted for 0.02%, industrial sector 0.16%, group of non oil & gas import commodities 0.09%.

Data from the Central Statistical Agency (BPS) obtained on Monday (December 1), stated that based on the results of monitoring of BPS, in November 2014 General WPI of non-oil & gas stood at 131.53, up 1.19% from WPI in October 2014 at 129.98. The increase occurred in all sectors and groups of goods. Agricultural sector rose 7.41%, mining and quarrying 0.43%, industrial sector 0.32%, group of non-oil & gas import commodities rose 0.26%, and group of non oil & gas export commodities 0.50%. Thus, changes in non-oil & gas wholesale price index (WPI) in 2014 reached 7.74% and change of WPI year-on-year reached 9.16%. Some commodities which experienced price increases in November2014 included, among others, cucumber, eggplant, red paper, cayenne paper, anchovies, premium, meat of imported cattle, and aluminum exports.

WPI of building/Construction Materials which consist of 5 groups of building types in November 2014 in general increased by 0.76% compared to the previous month. In November 2014, all groups of building types experienced increase of indexes. General Works Building Group for Agriculture experienced the highest  increase, which is 1.02%, and Residential and Non-Residential Buildings rose by 0.77%, General Works Buildings Group for Roads, Bridges, and the Ports increased by 0.65%, Group of Building and Electricity, Gas, Drinking Water, and Communications Installations by 0.74%, and Other Building Groups 0.85%.

WPI of Building/Construction Materials in Indonesia in November 2014 increased 0.76%, from 122.29 in October 2014 to 123.22 in November 2014. The increase in WPI of Building/Construction Materials in Indonesia was due to the increase in the Group of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings which accounted for 0.37%, Public Works Buildings Group for Agriculture 0.07%, Public Works Building Group Roads, Bridges, and Ports ).14%, Group of Building and Electricity, Gas, Water, and Communications Installations 0.21%, and Other Building Group 0.06%.
Building materials group that experienced price increase in November 2014 includes, among others, backfilled soil 3.71%, tubs and tanks 1.75%, sand 1.68%, gravel and sandstone 1.51%, and cement 1.40%. (E)

Business News - December 5, 2014

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