Friday, 16 January 2015


The Ministry of KKP would promote people’s nutrition consumption through increased fish consumption. Index of animal protein consumption among Indonesian people was only 91.7 grams/per capita/day or equal to 5.04 percent per capita. Meanwhile the standard platform of food consumption was at least 150 grams per capita per day, so the Harkanas Fish Day consumption could step up fish consumption. KKP and the Ministry of Health had agreed to fulfill 150 gram of protein per capita/day. Meaning fish could fulfill 65 percent of protein through fish. In the future to fulfill need of at least 150 grams of protein per capita and fish all year through. “Compared to beer, fish is better in terms of distribution” Saut Hutagalung disclosed to Business News. [28/11].

KKP rated that preparation for Harkatnas was at maximum, except in appointing an iconic figure to act ambassador. The Harkatnas logo had been prepared in advance for long. ‘We expect the role of fish in food resiliency could be realized this year”

Fish consumption level was in parallel with the average height on an Indonesian. In Japan, the average height of people kept increasing year after year. In the past, Japanese people were short. The average level of intelligence of Indonesian people were also below that of other countries. “Mal nutrition was the cause, it’s not a myth.”

Beside icon, KKP was also preparing segmenting and targeting concept; including children, adult and aged people. Fish eating campaign could begin at early school level: from Kindergarten or Elementary School. Practical serving of fish was suitable for children, just like fibre-packed seaweed with flavoring.

Menu for aged people must not include bony fish. “The price is affordable, around Rp.6,000 per box, it is rich in calcium. In Singapore, fish was widely consumed by aged people, many of them are still active. We are continuing to make segmentation based on age, income etc.”(SS)

Business News - December 3, 2014

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